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Quonset Point 2007

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Date: 24 June 2007

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78-0647/MA 		A-10A 		131st FS MA ANG
06-1437 		C-130J 		143rd AS RI ANG
83-0492 		LC-130H 	139th AS NY ANG
77-0103/MA 		F-15A 		101st FS MA ANG
85-1551/NY 		F-16C 		138th FS NY ANG
70-16345 		UH-1V 		1-126th AVN RI NG
86-24498 		UH-60A 		RI ArNG
94-0126/VN 		T-1A 		71st FTW
04-3739/RA 		T-6A 		12th FTW
67-14951/XL 		T-38C 		47th FTW "87FTS"
166437/NK-100 		F/A-18E 	VFA-22
166448/NK-114 		F/A-18E 	VFA-22
6028 			MH-60J 		CGAS Cape Cod
2112 			HU-25C 		CGAS Cape Cod
The serial of the UH-60 was painted with fiscal year 88 instead of 86!

Flightline areas:
78-0626/MA, 78-0644/MA 	A-10A 		131st FS MA ANG
94-00308 		C-23C 		RI ArNG
99-1431, 02-1434 	C-130J-30 	143rd AS RI ANG
06-1438 		C-130J-30 	143rd AS RI ANG
89-0483/SJ 		F-15E 		335th FS
89-0492/SJ 		F-15E 		336th FS
95-0041/CB 		T-1A 		14th FTW
164763 			C-130T 		Blue Angels
166623/AA-270 		F/A-18F 	VFA-11
Plus one MH-60 with "31" on its nose and the Hornets of the
Blue Angels. Finally, also some aircraft of the local museum
could be admired.

Quonset Point Air Museum display:
75-0408/AZ 		A-7D 		pres
66-15317 		AH-1S 		pres
70-15530 		AH-1F 		pres
67-16627 		OH-6A 		pres
61-12692 		OV-1C 		pres N4376D
01215 			XF15C-1 	pres
155629/AG-501 		A-6E 		pres
136792/792 		EC-1A 		pres
162591/AC-160 		F-14A 		pres
149738 			SH-3H 		pres

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