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Quonset Point 2011

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Date: 25 June 2011

Made by: Scramble


79-0091/KC, 79-0093/KC    A-10C         303rd FS AFRC
85-0006                   C-5B          337th AS AFRC
99-1431, 05-1435          C-130J-30     143rd AS RI ANG
68-8135/RA                T-38C         560th FTS
93-01328                  C-23C         192nd AVN Det2
85-24439                  UH-60A        1-126th Avn RI ARNG
165208/AG-400             F/A-18C       VFA-131
165400/AG-410             F/A-18C       VFA-131
158927/LF                 P-3C          VP-16
166064/E-064              T-6B          TW-5
165523/F                  T-39N         TW-6
2140                      HU-25C+       Cape Cod

99-1433, 06-1437          C-130J-30     143rd AS RI ANG
94-0042/SW, 91-0476/SW    F-16CJ        20th FW
94-00314                  C-23C         192nd AVN Det.2  
164763                    C-130T        Blue Angels
162294/HU-02              MH-60S        HSC-2

F/A-18C of the Blue Angels:
163442/1, 163498/2, 163451/3, 163093/4, 163435/5 163455/6

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