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Randolph 1979

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Date: 12 May 1979

Made by:


73-1009/DM         A-7D           355 TFW               Davis Monthan AFB 
158392/WF-01       AV-8A          VMA 513               MCAS Yuma 
158977/WF         *AV-8A          VMA 513               MCAS Yuma 
77-0265/WR         A-10A          81 TFW                Bentwaters 
73-1110/IN         A-37B          434 TFW  45 TFS       V Grissom AFB 
73-1114/IN        *A-37B          434 TFW  45 YFS       V Grissom AFB 
73-1069/IN        *A-37B          434 TFW  45 TFS       V Grissom AFB 
71-0868/NO        *A-37B          926 TFG 706 TFS       NAS New Orleans 
73-1058/NO        *A-37B          926 TFG 706 TFS       NAS New Orleans 
76-22552           C-12A          5TH  U S Army 
17166-166          C-47A                                MCAS Yuma 
66-0189            C-141A         63 MAW                Norton AFB 
69-0358/BA         RF-4C          67 TRW                Bergstrom AFB 
66-7718/NA         F-4D           474 TFW               Nellis AFB 
160671/NL-100      F-14A          VF-51                 (Kitty Hawk)  NAS Mirimar 
73-0099/LA         F-15A          58 TTW                Luke AFB 
67-0098/MO         F-111A         366 TFW               Mountain Home AFB 
68-0259            FB-111A        509 BW                Pease AFB 
62-3512            KC-135A        416 BW                Griffiss AFB 
69-7620            O-2A           602 TACW 23 TASS      Bergstrom AFB 
159325/QE-5        P-3C           VP-40                 NAS Moffett 
66-8000            T-37B          12 FTW                Randolph AFB 
70-1951            T-38A          12 FTW                Randolph AFB 
65-10458           T-38A          12 FTW                Randolph AFB 
60-3484            CT-39A         DET 2 1400 MAS        Randolph AFB 
65-5228            T-41A                                Hondo Airport TX 
65-12704           T-42A          U S Army 
161058/D           T-44A          U S Navy 
67-18076           U-21A          Ft S Houston 
70-16479           UH-1H          Ft S Houston 
Flight Line: 
58-1948            T-37B          12 FTW                Randolph AFB 
76-0098/HO         F-15A          49 TFW                Holloman AFB 

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