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Randolph 1984

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Date: 20 May 1984

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72-0246/OH	A-7D		121TFW/166TFS OH ANG
156795/NJ-204	TA-7C		VA-122			NAS Lemoore
77-0195/DM	A-10A		355TFW			Davis Monthan AFB
71-1416/NF	A-37B		602TACW/23TASS		Davis Monthan AFB
69-5819		HC-130N		55ARRS			Eglin AFB
66-7946		C-141B		63MAW			Norton AFB
151980/RF-05	RF-4B		VMFP-3			MCAS El Toro
151900/AE-104	F-14A		VF-14 USS Indy.		NAS Oceania
75-0038/LA	F-15A		405TTW/555TTS		Luke AFB
80-0538/NA	F-16A		474TFW			Nellis AFB
80-0539/NA	F-16A		474TFW			Nellis AFB
66-0049		EF-111A	MO	388TFW/390ECS		Mtn Home AFB
2123		HU-25A		USCG 			CGAS C.Christi
83-0079		KC-10A		2BW			Barksdale AFB
62-3520		KC-135A		340ARG/9ARS		Altus AFB
69-1520		KC-135Q		100ARW			Beale AFB
58-0086		KC-135Q		100ARW			Beale AFB
62-3579		EC-135G	  	28BW/4ACCS		Ellsworth AFB
69-7622		O-2A		TAC
68-17011	OV-1D		US Army	
64-17975	SR-71A		9SRW/1SRS		Beale AFB
158608/B-322	T-2C	 	VT-23			NAS Kingsville
144090		T-28		VT-5 
161822		T-34C								
59-0272		T-37B		12FTW/559FTS		Randolph AFB
68-8112		T-38A		12FTW/560FTS		Randolph AFB
66-8403		T-38A		12FTW/560FTS		Randolph AFB
60-3481		CT-39B		
67-12722	T-42A		US Army
73-1152		T-43A		323FTW/455FTS		Mather AFB
68-10337	U-2R		9SRW/99SRS		Beale AFB
73-21721	UH-1					Ft Sam Houston
68-15461	UH-1		507Med Co		
68-15064	AH-1S		US Army
70-15514	OH-58A		TX NG
12188		CP-121		Canada
114175		CT-114		2FTS/Canada

116823		CF-116		"Rut Zulis"Team/419Sq  	CFB Cold Lake
116820		CF-116		"Rut Zulis"Team/419Sq  	CFB Cold Lake
116830		CF-116		"Rut Zulis"Team/419Sq  	CFB Cold Lake
116835		CF-116		"Rut Zulis"Team/419Sq  	CFB Cold Lake
17219		UH-1  		TX NG    
77-0140		F-15A		49TFW
77-0137		F-15A		49TFW
3x		F-4C		TX ANG 
4x 		T-37B		12FTW
4x 		T-38A		12FTS
1x	     	SR-71A   
1x		KC-135Q

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