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Date: 15 June 1977

Made by: Peter Nicholson


1339        	HC-130B Hercules	USCG                        
1424            HH-52A Pelican          USCG                        
151090/QG-12    A-4E Skyhawk            VMA-131                     
154884/MT       CH-53A                  HMH-772                     
159256/CG-03    AV-8A Harrier           VMA-231                     
159427/CG-13    AV-8A Harrier           VMA-231                     
54-2733         T-37B                                               
66-16945        UH-1H Iroquois          28 Av Battn Pennsylvania ANG
6x              T-38A Talon         	Thunderbirds                

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