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Date: 7 June 1997

Made by: David Tanner


Type         Reg       "S/N"           Other markings 
B-25         NX3774    33634           9C-148 "Yankee Warrior" 
TBM-3E                 85866           SL-401 
C-119        N175ML                    Marine Lumber Co, Nantucket 
C-45         N7694C    111467          USAF  "Big Bird" 
C-47         N8704     476716          USAF 
FG-1D        NX83JC    67089           555   "Skyboss" 
FM-2         N315E                     F-13 (right) F-1 (left) 
P-51D-25-NT  NL51WT    45-11391        "Nervous Energy V" 
SP-2H        N45309    145915          PL-9 VP-67 
R4D-6                  50819           NATS VR-2 
BT-19/SNV    N60277    22441 (SNV-1)   42 
T-6/SNJ      N24554                    43   NATC 
T-6/SNJ      N6437D          (SNJ-5)   26 
T-6/SNJ      N812BC    43812 (SNJ-5)   7W Willow Grove "Barbara Lynn" 
T-6/SNJ      N9801C                    S-8 
UC-78 Bobcat N266C     332644          415 
Hunter       N58MX     J-4061          Swiss AF 
Vampire      NX935HW   U1213           Swiss AF 
ME-108       N108ZZ                    "Lili Marlene" 
P.149D       N149DD    BB+391          Focke-Wulf 

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