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Richards Gebaur 1997

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Date: 26 July 1997

Made by:


133581                CT-133       413sq
188752                CF-188       425sq
79-0110/KC,79-0113/KC A-10A        303rd FS AFRC
83-0065/DY "7 WG"     B-1B         9th BS
87-0124               KC-10A       305th AMW
59-1510               KC-135R      22nd ARW
73-0114/ET "AFDTC"    F-15B        40th FLTS
88-0545               F-16C        124th FS IO ANG
86-0821/HO            F-117A       9th FS
64-13301/BB           T-38A        1st RS(T)
66-15306              AH-1H        A/1-135th AVN
85-24358              CH-47D       nn
163845/7C             UC-12M       Norfolk
165315/NY             KC-130T      VMGR-452
730879/AF-02          F-5E         VFC-13
158628/AF-101         F-14A        VF-201
162598/NG-101         F-14A        VF-211
159402/AA-705         S-3B         VS-30
159745/NK-700         S-3B         VS-35
162622/E-622          T-34C        TAW-5
N306NT/F              T-39N        CTW-6
163635/A-101          T-45A        TW-1
165065/B-265          T-45A
164146/WE-00          AV-8B        VMA-214
6574                  HH-65A       USCG
2132                  HU-25A       USCG

81-0040/FF,83-0033/FF F-15C        1st FW
161850/NG-103         F-14A        VF-211
164151/WE-09          AV-8B        VMA-214
And the Blue Angels with F/A-18s coded 1 - 7 and TC-130G 'Fat Albert'.

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