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Rickenbacker 1995

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Date: 5 August 1995

Made by:

Updated: 23 March 2007

Static Display:
160641/E	T-34C		TAW-5	
70-2415/CC	F-111F		522FS/27FW	"27OG"
70-2386/CC	F-111F		522FS/27FW	
87-0119		KC-10A		60AW	
66-7953		C-141B 		445 AW	
86-0458		C-26A		OH ANG 121ARW/166ARS	
158136/A-701	TA-4J		VT-7/CTW-1	
159173/A-973	T-2C		VT-19/CTW-1	
156686/915	T-2C		VT-19/CTW-1	
67-14735/LB	T-37B		35FTS/64FTW	
156513/LE-513	P-3C		VP-11	
87-0271/OH	F-16C		162FS/178FG	
61-0015/LA	B-52H		11BS/2BW	
84-0128		C-21A		375AW	
57-0586		T-33A		preserved 166TFS, OH ANG	
73-0999/OH	A-7D		preserved 166TFS, OH ANG	
73-1006/OH	A-7D		preserved 166TFS, OH ANG	
65-0903		RF-4C		preserved 166TFS, OH ANG	
51-1346		F-84F		preserved 166TFS, OH ANG	
55-2884/OH	F-100D		preserved 166TFS, OH ANG	
49-2348		F-84E		preserved 166TFS, OH ANG	
77-0068/ET	F-15A		ex 40TS/46TW, preserved Rickenbacker ANGB	
57-1462		KC-135R		166ARS/121ARW	
74-22467	UH-1H		OH ARNG 2-137 AvBt	
67-15502	AH-1F		OH ARNG 2-107 Cav	
72-21346	OH-58A		OH ARNG 2-107 Cav	
114031		CT-114		2FTS	
188745		CF-118A		425 Sqn	
93-0632/XL	T-1A		86FTS/47FTW	
....../NE403	F-18C		VFA-137			logged as 164137, but this is not correct
163720/NJ330	F/A-18D		VFA-125	
N112BD		BD12		private	
N274FE		B737??		Fed Ex	
N9563Z		B-17G		Nat Warp Mus Geneseo	297400/E
NL38JC		P-51		privat			45-11553
N901SJ		C-130		Southern Air Transport	
85-0829/HO	F-117A		8FS/49FW	
Static and Air Display:
151891		TC-130G		Blue Angels	
....../1	F/A-18A		Blue Angels	
....../2	F/A-18A		Blue Angels	
....../3	F/A-18A		Blue Angels	
....../4	F/A-18A		Blue Angels	
....../5	F/A-18A		Blue Angels	
....../6	F/A-18A		Blue Angels	
....../7	F/A-18B		Blue Angels	
83-0017/FF	F-15C		1FS/1FW	
83-0033/FF	F-15C		27FS/1FW	
Air Display:
N5486J		HA-200 Saeta Jet private	
85-1607		C-31		Golden Knights	
N217FE		B737		Fed Ex	
N9K		Extra		private	
NX7699		Showcat		private	
??		Siai Machetti 	Team America	
??		Siai Machetti 	Team America	
??		Siai Machetti 	Team America	
OH ANG 121ARW ramp:
59-1453		KC-135R		166ARS blue	
59-1458		KC-135R		166ARS blue	
60-0341		KC-135R		166ARS blue	
61-0264		KC-135R		166ARS blue	
62-3511		KC-135R		145ARS red	
62-3531		KC-135R		166ARS blue	

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