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Rickenbacker 2007

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Date: 29/30 September 2007

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Learning of the intention by the organizers of the previous 1999 Gathering of Mustangs & Legends in Kissimmee (FL)
to try to organize the event one more time, two Scramble editors living 7700 kilometers apart set their mind on attending
the event. Many thousands of spectators from across the globe descended on Rickenbacker International Airport in Columbus
(OH) for the Gathering of Mustangs & Legends.
Beautiful weather, non-stop action and an incredible array of aircraft and performers, led by the P-51 Mustang, combined
to produce an exceptional air show. The event took place 27 till 30 September 2007 with the first day slated as arrival day
and Friday as practice day. Unfortunately three crashes this year and a large bad weather system across the USA in the
days before the weekend kept the total number of Mustangs under the ambitious total of over 100. We managed to count
77,5. The last half is an XP-51G restoration project partially complete. After the list of all the Mustangs a more conventional
show report and more information can be found.

Registration 	Markings worn 	Name 			Type 		Serial 		Last non-US Serial  Flying 	Owner
CF-IKE 		473210/WD-B 	Miracle Maker 		P-51D 		44-73210 	- 				Ike Enns
G-CBNM 		463864/HL-W 	Twilight Tear 		P-51D 		44-63864 	Israel 3506 			Stephen Grey
N10607 		- 		Barbara Jean 		P-51D 		44-74466 	Canada 9227 			Harry Barr
N1204 		72 		INA The Macon Belle 	P-51C 		42-103831 	- 		    * 		Kermit Weeks
N1451D 		11 		Checkertail Clan 	P-51D 		44-74446 	Canada 9223 			Nathan Davis
N151D 		472777/44 	Sparky 			P-51D Cav. 	44-72777 	Indonesia F-344 		Steve Seghetti
N151DM 		472308/A-WD 	Ridge Runner III 	P-51D 		44-72483 	El Salvador 411     * w 	Dan Martin
N151FT 		JR-B 		Lady B 			P-51D 		44-74506 	Canada 9231 			Fred Telling
N151HR 		474524/YF-M 	Dakota Kid II 		P-51D 		44-74524 	- 				Hank Reichert
N151KW 		414906/PE-P 	Cripes A’Mighty 	P-51D 		44-74813 	Canada 9261 	    51 		Alpine Aviation
N151MC 		415459/B-HL 	American Beauty 	Cavalier Mk2 	67-22581 	Bolivia 523 			John O’Connor
N151TP 		473543/P-HO 	Sweetie Face 		P-51D 		44-73543 	Indonesia F-3..     * 		Tom Patten
N151W 		4511540/R-PE 	Excalibur 		P-51D 		45-11540 	- 		    * f22 	Jim Read
N201F 		JJ-D 		Dusty’s Dolly 		P-51D 		44-84933 	- Harry Barr
N20TF 		DF-X 		- 			Cavalier T2 	67-14866 	Bolivia 521 	    51 		Chino Warbirds
N2151D 		414237/HO-W 	Moonbeam McSwine 	P-51D 		44-73656 	El Salvador 406     51 * f16 F 	Vlado Lenoch
N251MX 		210651/CM-M 	Betty Jane 		TP-51C 		42-103293 	- 		    51 		Max Chapman
N2869D 		484390/B-3E 	Section Eight 		P-51D 		44-84390 	- 		    * 		Doug Driscoll
N314BG 		414151/HO-M 	Petie 2nd 		P-51D 		44-73140 	Canada 9567 			L&L
N327DB 		484860 		Lady Jo 		TF-51D 		44-84860 	Indonesia F-3..     * 		Darryl Bond
N3333E 		414888/B6-Y 	Glamorous Glen III 	P-51D 		44-63893 	Canada 9560 	    * 		Huff Air       
N334FS 		473108/QP-O 	Red Dog XII 		P-51D Cav. 	44-72907 	Guatemala 357 	    * w 	Duane Doyle    
N351BD 		472218/WZ-I 	Big Beautiful Doll 	P-51D 		44-84634 	Nicaragua GN-96     * 		Mike Henningsen
N351DM 		415326/H-QP 	Sizzlin’ Liz 		P-51D Cav. 	44-74458 	Canada 9226 	    * 51 	Dave Marco     
N351DT 		413806/LL 	Crazy Horse 2 		TF-51D 		44-74502 	Canada 9232 	    51 2 	Lee Lauderback 
N351MX 		474391/MX-I 	February 		P-51D Cav. 	44-74391 	Guatemala 351 	    * 		Chris Woods    
N3751D 		413586/T-C5 	Hurry Home Honey 	P-51D Cav. 	44-73206 	- 		    51 		Joe Richardson 
N4034S 		- 		- 			P-51D 		44-63389 	- 		    * 		John Anderson  
N41749 		413837/CY-M 	Miss Marilyn II 	P-51D 		44-63663 	Guatemala 354 	    51 		Chris Goldsbury
N451D 		414790/HO-O 	Sweet and Lovely 	P-51D Cav. 	44-73260 	Indonesia F-360 		Bob Baker
N451MG 		414450/B6-S 	Old Crow 		P-51D 		44-74474 	Canada 9270 			Jim Hagedorn
N487FS 		325147/HO-W 	Princess Elizabeth 	P-51C 		43-25147 	- 		    51 2 f22 	Jim Beasley
N50FS 		474839/TF-839 	La Pistolera 		CA-18 Mk22 	A68-187 	Australia A68-187 		Rod Lewis
N51AB 		413500/N-HL 	Flying Dutchman 	CA-18 Mk21 	A68-100 	Australia A68-100 		Steve Craig
N51BS 		484786/K-5M 	Lil’ Margaret 		F-6D 		44-84786 	- 				Butch Schroeder
N51DL 		- 		- 			P-51D 		44-13257 	- 				Lindair
N51DT 		414812/HO-T 	Slender Tender & Tall 	P-51D 		44-74950 	- 				Tom Blair
N51EA 		463684/BS-X 	Double Trouble Two 	P-51D 		44-63507 	Canada 9554 	    51 		Jerry Yagen
N51HY 		- 		Quick Silver 		P-51D 		45-11439 	- 				Bill Yoak
N51KB 		R-LF 		Ain’t Misbehavin’ 	P-51D 		44-74009 	Canada 9275 	    51 	 	Mustang Pilots
N51MV 		00 		Luscious Lisa 		P-51D 		45-11391 	- 		    * 		Todd Stuart
N51MX 		511559/A-MX 	Mad Max 		P-51D Cav. 	45-11559 	El Salvador 401 		Max Chapman
N51PE 		413551/K-FT 	Little Horse 		P-51D 		45-11586 	- 		    * 		Paul Ehlen
N51PT 		472145/M-HO 	Petie 3rd 		P-51D 		44-72145 	- Jeff Pryor
N51RH 		47 		Ole Yeller 		P-51D 		44-74739 	Canada 9297 	    51 		John Bagley
N51VF 		472934/VF-T 	Shangrila 		P-51D 		45-11553 	- 		    * f15 	Charles Osborne
N51YZ 		NACA 127 	NACA 127 		TF-51D 		44-84900 	- 				Bill Allmon
N51Z 		36006 		Polar Bear 		P-51A 		43-6006 	- 				Jerry Gabe
N51ZM 		511471/PI-J 	DiamondBack 		P-51D 		45-11471 	- 		    51 		Mark Peterson  
N5284V 		CY-U 		Gunfighter 		P-51D 		44-73264 	- 		    51 		Comm. Air Force
N5427V 		414151/HO-M 	Petie 2nd 		P-51D 		44-74942 	- 		    * 		Tony Buechler  
N5500S 		414320/E2-B 	Geraldine 		P-51D 		44-63655 	Nicaragua GN-84     * 		Chuck Greenhill
N551J 		474937/B6-P 	Gentleman Jim 		P-51D Cav. 	44-74230 	- 		    * w 	Jack Roush     
N551TM 		474832/VF-H 	Boomer 			P-51D 		45-11453 	Bolivia 511 	    * 		Tim McPherson  
N551VC 		5 		Voodoo 			P-51D 		44-73415 	Canada 9289 			Bob Button
N551W 		CY-G 		The Millie G 		P-51D 		44-14985 	- 		    * 		Trent Latshaw
N55JL 		9 		Cloud Dancer 		P-51D 		44-15651 	- 				Dirk Leeward
N6168C 		473704/FF-704 	FF-704 			P-51D 		44-73704 	- 		    * 		Lewis Shaw
N6306T 		HI-G 		Hi G 			P-51D 		44-74878 	Canada 9259 			Tom Wood
N6320T 		474497/H-SX 	Little Witch 		TF-51D 		44-74497 	Canada 9230 			Bob Jepson
N63476 		9274 		City of Winnipeg 	P-51D 		44-63476 	Uruguay 252 			Bob May
N64824 		474389/F-B6 	Speedball Alice 	CA-18 Mk23 	A68-175 	Australia A68-175 		Dan Vance
N651JM 		474976/MR-J 	Obsession 		P-51D 		44-74976 	Indonesia F-311     51 		Jeff Michael
N68JR 		422051/QP-F 	Sweet Revenge 		P-51D Cav. 	44-72051 	Dominican Rep 1912 		Ron Fagen
N6WJ 		88 		Precious Metal 		P-51D 		44-73518 	- 				Ron Buccarelli
N751RB 		413903WD-L 	Glamorous Gal 		P-51D Cav. 	44-74453 	Canada 9597 			Leestown Avn
N7715C 		413334/U-G4 	Wee Willy II 		P-51D 		44-84961 	- 				Steve Hinton
N7722C 		473420 		- 			P-51D 		44-73420 	- 				Jack Croul
N7751T 		472438/PZ-H 	Hell-er Bust 		P-51D 		44-72438 	Dominican Rep 1920  51 * f22 	John Sessions
N7TF 		463864/BS-X 	Double Trouble Two 	P-51D 		44-73856 	- 		    * f15 	Tom Friedkin
N83KD 		484410/O-LH 	Cincinnati Miss 	P-51D 		44-13016 	Australia A68-674 		David O’Maley
N851D 		484745/LL 	Crazy Horse 		TF-51D Cav. 	44-84745 	- 		    51 * 	Lee Lauderback
N921 		413321/HO-P 	Cripes A’Mighty 3rd 	P-51D 		45-11507 	New Zealand NZ2417  * 		Weeks Air Mus
N93TF 		472922/W-L2 	Scat VII 		TF-51D 		44-72922 	- 		    * 		Flight Mngt
N951M 		473287/D7-J 	Worry Bird 		P-51D 		44-73287 	- 				Mike George
XB-HVL 		472934/VF-T 	Shangrila 		P-51D 		44-73435 	Canada 9290 			H. Lobo de la Garza
(main parts) 	- 		Margie Hart 		XP-51G 		43-43335 	- 				John Morgan

51 = the '51' Mustang formation on Saturday (we counted seventeen Mustangs from photos so we missed three)
* = flying saturday and/or Sunday
2 = two-ship demo Crazy Horse2 en Princess Elizabeth
f16= Heritage formation with F-16 on Saturday (1)
f15= Heritage formation with F-15 on Saturday (2)
f22= Heritage formation with F-22 on Saturday (3)
w = part of warbirds with Pyro Techinical Display
F = Heritage formation with F-15, F-16 and F-22 on Sunday (1)
The rest of the show report is based on sightings on 29 and 30 September. Only static aircraft and aircraft with a possible
military background are included as other aprons around the large airfield, numerous bizjets, bizprops and freighters not
part of the show were not read off. A * symbol means flying both days, or Sat * of Sun *. An entry with a w was a participant
of the Pyro Technical Display.

78-0682/MD 		A-10A 		104th FS MD ANG
80-0265/BC 		A-10A 		172nd FS MI ANG
61-0035/MT 		B-52H 		23rd BS
70-0461 		C-5A 		89th AS AFRC
03-3116 		C-17A 		183rd AS MS ANG
90-1797 		C-130H 		164th AS OH ANG
64-14840 		KC-135R 	121st ARW OH ANG
87-0268/OH 		F-16C 		162nd FS OH ANG
98-3541/CB 		T-6A 		"14th OG" c/n PT-45
C-GVRA "KB726/VR-A" 	Lancaster XMR 	ex Canada FM213		w
N1042B "29710" 		VB-25N 		ex 44-30823 		w
N117MK 			BK117B2 	Chase Equipment
N151TD 			Titan T-51 	(Mustang replica)
N163FS 			P-63C 		ex 42-69021 		w
N17630 			P-38F 		ex 41-7630
N271TS, N493MS 		Cirrus SR22 	Cirrus
N3193G 			B-17G 		ex 44-85829 		w
N33VW "320401" 		C-47A 		ex 43-15935
N354CP 			Ce182T 		USAF Civil Air Patrol
N3703G "124485" 	B-17G 		ex 44-83546 		*
N4436J "33" 		P-40K 		ex 42-9733 		w
N60DJ "A-I-101" 	Harvard 4 	ex Canada 20473
N647D "490438/44" 	P-47D 		ex Yugo 13021 		w
N740RB "11456" 		P-40E 		ex Canada 1051
N751TX 			Titan T-51 	(Mustang replica)
N79123 			P-38L 		ex 44-27231 		w
N818JB 			Waco YMF-F5C 	private
N898BW 			B-25N 		ex 45-8898 		w
N9246B "490460/40" 	P-47D 		ex Brazil 4175 		w

06-1437 		C-130J-30 	143rd AS RI ANG 	51
82-0021/EG 		F-15C 		58th FS 		*
79-0012/EG 		F-15D 		58th FS
91-0348/SW 		F-16CJ 		77th FS 		Sun *
94-0048/SW 		F-16CJ 		77th FS 		Sat *
05-4085/FF 		F-22A 		94th FS 		Sun *
05-4094/FF 		F-22A 		"94th FS" 		Sat *
N12MG 			Beech 400A 	Scotts MG 		Sun *
N606MG/"97-0231/MG" 	Ce525 		Hagedorn Avn 		51

Flying only:
93-1085/WM 		B-2A 		13th BS Sat 		*

Aeroshell Team:
N3267G/1 		SNJ-5 		ex Bu51971 		*
N791MH/2 		T-6G 		ex France 114791 	*
N7462C/3 		AT-6F 		ex 44-82489 		*
N991GM/5 		AT-6D 		ex Mexico 781 		*

Red Baron Pizza Squadron:
N801RB 			PT-17 		ex 42-16525 		*
N802RB 			N2S-3 		ex BuNo 05277 		*
N806RB 			PT-17		 ex 42-15811 		*
N808RB 			PT-13D 		ex 42-16891 		*

ADS Thunderbirds with F-16C/D(#)s:
86-0039 #, 86-0041 #, 86-0281, 87-0313, 87-0319, 87-0323,
87-0325 and 87-0331

Ohio ANG Apron:
73-0999/OH	 	A-7D 		preserved
55-2884/OH 		F-100D 		preserved
57-1493 		KC-135R 	97th AMW AETC
60-0351 		KC-135R 	912th ARS
63-8004 		KC-135R 	127th ARS KS ANG
59-1444, 59-1483 	KC-135R 	121st ARW OH ANG
60-0341, 63-8013 	KC-135R 	121st ARW OH ANG
58-0072 		KC-135T 	171st ARW PA ANG

OH ARNG Apron:
70-16104 		AH-1S 		preserved
79-23272, 79-23298 	UH-60A 		1-137th AVN OH NG
79-23346, 80-23444 	UH-60A 		1-137th AVN OH NG
80-23487, 81-23547	UH-60A 		1-137th AVN OH NG
82-23677, 85-24391 	UH-60A 		1-137th AVN OH NG
88-26046, 88-26078 	UH-60A 		1-137th AVN OH NG

Fedex area/flying:
N6G "TA-349" 		T-6G 		ex Spain 		dep Sat
N5632V "28218/TH-ANG" 	T-6G 		ex 52-8218 		dep Sun
N49739 "739" 		PT-17 		ex 42-16299 		*

N61EV 			CH-3E 		ex 65-12791
N105CA 			C-47A		ex 43-48459
N130SA 			C-130A 		ex 55-0008
N156PA 			CV-240 		stored
N307SA 			C-130E 		ex 61-2365
N9166F +1 		H369HS 		DC Eng & Devt 		*
N73104 			CV-340 		stored

The USAF Thunderbirds serials were not checked but have
been lifted from other reports this year. Various other
spectacular demonstrations of Patty Wagstaff, Michael
Goulian, Ed Hamill, and John Mohr in aerobatic aircraft have
not been noted.
As said before, the weather was perfect for the entire event,
and crowds of thousands gathered early to wait the gate’s
opening each morning at 8 AM. 77 Mustangs, plus other fighter
and bomber aircraft from the era, and 51 "Legends" were in
atten-dance, including several original members of the
Tuskegee Airmen, the famous all-black fighter squadron who
flew Mus-tangs on bomber escort missions during the war.
A spectacular part of the show on both afternoons was the
Pyro Technical Display in which several bomber- and fighterwar-
birds circled the airfield in mock attacks as large
explosions and smoke from across the runway drifted in front
of everybody’s camera lenses.
The flight display on both weekend days were concluded with
a formation of twenty Mustangs in formation spelling the
number "51" as a tribute to the P-51. An USAF Hercules and a
Bizjet launched to assist as camera ship and safety ship.
Although it was not precision flying it was a marvelous sight to
behold. Let alone the launch in small formations of the twenty
plus one spare Mustangs. A photo of the formation from
behind can be seen at the end of the article. For more information
and more photos on the The Gathering of Mustangs &
Legends, the final roundup, check:

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