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Robins 2006

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Date: 13/14 May 2006

Made by:


60-0011/LA		B-52H		11th BS	"11BS"  
69-0006		        C-5A		433rd AW        
02-1102		        C-17A		437th AW        
84-0073		        C-21A		457th AS        
04-3144		        C-130J-30	48th AS 
62-3523		        KC-135R		19th ARG        
64-14848/OF	        KC-135V	        38th RS         
97-0100/GA	        E-8C	        16th ACCS GA ANG
(63-7559)	        F-4C	        pres as "66-566"
74-0121		        F-15A	        pres as "75-043"
76-0132/WR	        F-15B	        i/a             
84-0026/AK	        F-15C	        19th FS         
85-1460/CO, 86-0345/CO	F-16C	        120th FS CO ANG 
87-0229/CO, 87-0284/CO	F-16C	        120th FS CO ANG 
87-0236/SI, 87-0265/SI	F-16C	        170th FS IL ANG 
03-05406/06		AH-64D	        A/1-14th AVN    
00-3588/MY	        T-6A	        3rd FTS         
59-0332/CB	        T-37B	        14th FTW        
70-1577/MY	        T-38C	        479th TFG       
68-10336/WR	        U-2S	        Robins AFB      
165987/F-987	        T-6A	        TW-6            
160986/G-414	        T-44A	        VT-31           
N7YK			Let C11	        as '7 bk'       
N70GA	                Beech 18S	as KJ508       
NL82GA	                A-24B		as ''54532'            
N99FS	                Dakota	        ex KG395         
N137RM	                O-2A	        ex 67-21424      
NL351DT	                P-51D	        as '44-13806'    
N371M	                SNJ-5	        ex 85028         
N7026C	                SNJ-4	        as Kate 'BII-310'
N7757	                Harvard MkIV	as Zero '77-57'
N10601	                P-51D		as VF-G                
N29931	                T-6G		as 49-3449             

Flightline near static:
N32FL			O-1D		as '72795'    
N149HF	                C-7A	        ex 62-4149    
N354HF	                UH-1H	        ex 69-15354   
N599HF	                TAH-1P	        ex 76-22599   
N624HF	                UH-1H	        ex 66-16624/61
N631HF	                OV-1B	        ex 59-2631    
N737HF	                AH-1G	        ex 67-15737   
N906HF	                U-21G	        ex 70-15906   
N992CH	                OH-6A	        ex 66-17795   
En de F-16's van de Thunderbirds.

Flight line west:
81-0022/FF, 81-0036/FF	F-15C		71st FS
/3L			B-25		as 3L
This could have been B-25J 44-86697/3L N62163. Confirmation would be most welcome!

ALC area:
68-0224			C-5A		137th AS NY ANG
(69-0004)	        C-5A	        fuselage only  
70-0465		        C-5A	        in primer      
87-0043		        C-5B	        436th AW       
02-1100		        C-17A	        437th AW       
64-0496/RS	        C-130E	        i/a            
64-0565			MC-130E-Y	711th SOS          
65-0984	                C-130H		327th AS	also flying
66-0225	                MC-130P	        9th SOS                    
69-6575	                AC-130H	        16th SOS                   
83-1212	                MC-130H	        15th SOS                   
85-0039	                C-130H	        357th AS AFRC              
85-1365	                C-130H	        181st AS TX ANG            
86-0411	                C-130H	        758th AS AFRC              
87-9286	                C-130H	        16th SOW                   
90-9107	                C-130H	        757th AS AFRC              
91-1234	                C-130H	        165th AS KY ANG            
02-1463	                C-130J-30	115th AS CA ANG    
78-0572, 80-0057	F-15D		in primer
80-0021			F-15C		114th FS OR ANG            
82-0014			F-15C	        in primer                  
86-0175/LN		F-15C	        493rd FS                   
89-0492/SJ		F-15E	        336th FS                   
90-0242, 90-0244	F-15E	        in primer                  
91-0304/LN		F-15E	        492nd FS	also flying
91-0307/LN		F-15E	        492nd FS                   

Far Side:
66-30052/WR		GE-8C		i/a             
58-0047, 60-0343	KC-135T	        19th ARG        
62-3534, 62-3544	KC-135R	        19th ARG        
62-3554, 62-3569	KC-135R	        19th ARG        
63-8040			KC-135R	        19th ARG        
92-3289/GA, 92-3290/GA	E-8C	        16th ACCS GA ANG
93-0597/WR		E-8C	        12th ACCS       
93-1097/GA, 94-0284/GA	E-8C	        16th ACCS GA ANG
94-0285/GA, 95-0121/GA	E-8C	        16th ACCS GA ANG
99-0006/GA		E-8C	        16th ACCS GA ANG

(73-0099)/WR		F-15A		pres as "77-0099"
51-9507			F-84F		std ramp
(56-2928)		F-100D		std ramp as "62-928"
(63-8345)		F-105G		std ramp as "62-425"

The log gives an overview of the Sunday. On Saturdag additional
aircraft included B-2A (88-0332), an F-22A (FF) and an F-117A in the
flying display.

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