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Sanford 1994

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Date: 30 October 1994

Made by:

Updated: 1 August 2002

66-0184 	C-141 		62nd MAW 446th ???
58-0130 	KC-135 		Wisconsin ANG
81-0712/FC12 	F-16 		159FIS Florida ANG
78-0094 	F-16B 		148TFTS Arizona ANG
74-0178/CC 	F-111F 		27TFW
70-2400/ET      F-111F 		
88-1703/SJ 	F-15E 		4th TFW
88-1702/SJ 	F-15E 		4th TFW
159720/A-954 	T-2C 		VT-23 CTW-1
153965/GX-19 	CH-46E 		HTM-204
161037 		T-34C 		TW4
157685/GX-13 	CH-46E 		HTM-204
162671/E-109 	TH-57C 		TW-5
162821/E-135 	TH-57C 		TW-5
6544 		HH-65A 		Coast Guard
1714 		HC-130H 	Coast Guard Clearwater
??????/LT-62    P-3 		
155725/NJ-852 	TC-4C 		VA-128
158030/RM-01 	EA-6B 		VAMQ-4
157030/A-950 	T-2C 		CTW-1
78-0084 	F-16B 		148TFTS Arizona ANG
89-2114/OH 	F-16 		Ohio ANG (Green tail band "TOLEDO")
164138/KD-15 	TAV-8B 		VMAT-203
2x     /FF	F-15		1st FW

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