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Scott 1995

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Date: 30 July 1995

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52-10858        C-45H           
60-3495         CT-39A          
Static Display:
70-0465         C-5A            436AW/512AW     
79-1951         KC-10A          60AMW/349AMW    
67-22585        C-9A            11AS/375AW      
84-0154         C-12F           CTP/22ARW       
84-0119         C-21A           458AS   
86-0454         C-26A           169FS Ill ANG   
130305          CC-130E         ??      
60-0350         KC-135R         43ARG   
66-0159         C-141B          62AW/446AW      
66-0200         C-141B          62AW/446AW      
84-0057/DY      B-1B            9BS/7 Wing      9th BS,"Hellion"
76-0107/SL      F-15A           110FS/131FW     SL 131FW
87-0244/SI      F-16C           170FS/183FG     170FS
164219/04 CE    F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-225    
188750          CF-188A         433Sqn  
73-712/CC       F-111F          522FS/27FW      
79-0157/FT      A-10A           75FS/23Wing     
79-0091/KC      A-10A           303FS/442FW     grey
79-0117/KC      A-10A           303FS/442FW     green
90-0400         T-1A            86FTS/47FTW     
161796/G        T-34C           TAW 4   
56-3511/XL      T-37B           85FTS/47FTW     
68-8179/WM      T-38A           393BS/509BW     
73-01155        T-43A           558FTS/12FTW    
70-1955/VN      T-38A           25FTS/71FTW     
114090          CT-114          2FTS    
163851/616      E-2C            VAW-120 
(68) 0- 15204   AH-1S           1/110   
(71) 0-20328    UH-1H           7-158 AVN       
69-6669         UH-1N           1HS/89AW        
N318WB          CASA 1.131 E Jungmann   ex E.3B-318     
N60794          BT-13           290590/130/PY-L SN: 42-90590
NX60DJ          T-6             as A-6M2 Zero "A!-101"
N700G           F4U             VMF-115 WA 22
N68635          SNB 1           Brenda Gail III
NX444SU         P-47D-40RA      226418 SN:45-49181
NX996           Mig 17          Airshow Mig Incorp.     996
N81389          C-1A            146049 US Navy Georgia Tracker" VRC-40 COD
N658FE          Airbus 300-600F Federal Express 
Other Side Of Base:
68-8934         C-9A            
68-10958        C-9A            
Static and Air Display:
"1-7"           F-16C,D         Thunderbirds    
188786          CF-188A         433 Sqn         
82-0664/FT      A-10A           75FS/23Wing     
N5428V          P-51D-25NA      CAF Midland, TX U-CY, 4473264
HD-732          B-25            VO-F
N293WM          R-4D-5          National Warplane Museum Geneseo,NY     330709
N9563Z          B-17G (CB-17G VB-17G)   Nat Warplane Museum Geneseo, NY 297400/E, 44-83563
                Mig 17          Airshow Mig Incorp.     red "01"
Air Display:
..-..../WM      B-2A            509BW   
68-10961        C-9A            11AS/375AW      

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