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Scott 1996

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Date: 1 June 1996

Made by:


88-1681/OT  	F-15C                                   
77-086/SL       F-15A                                   
188901          CF-188                                  
67-22584        C-9                                     
114161          CL-114                                  
64-540/FT       HC-130H  	23WG                     
84-205/DB       C-130H   	AFRES                    
91-0245         CH-47D          IL NG             
90233           AH-64A                                  
71-20410        OH-58A                          
69-6656         UH-1N   	USAF                     
74-08           UH-1H           IL NG          
70-0454         C-5A            Travis         
66-0174         C-141B  	459MAS AFRES         
94-0066         C-17A   	437MAW      
59-1459         KC-135R         PA ANG          
86-0031         KC-10A                         
65-080          B-1B            McConnell                
N660FE          A-300    	Fed Ex                         
163530/AJ-623   EA-6B    	VAQ-141  USS J F Kennedy
35-1043         C-45 (SNB)      N68635          
52-10604        C-54       
N1350A          C-47       
84-0120         C-21       
79-157/FT       A-10A                
78-600/-        A-10A                
8609            C-121		N494TW          

In Hangar by static:
57-2256/LB      T-37B
94-120/VN       T-1A 
69-7080/LB      T-38A
64-13301/BB     T-38A

Flight line:
N18LP       	Be90        
83-036/FF       F-15C  
83-017/FF       F-15C  
N1VC            Mig-15 
188746          F/A-18 
49-1700         T-28A       
464122          P-51D       
N33FF           P-51D       

Far Side of runway:
68-10959       	C-9    
71-0877         C-9    
67-22583        C-9    
68-8935         C-9    
64-14852/FT     HC-130P
84-0128         C-21   
65-0236         C-141B 
63-8010         KC-135A
59-5959         C-140A 

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