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Seymour-Johnson 2006

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Date: 15 October 2006

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78-0674/FT		A-10A		74th FS "74FS"         
85-0074/DY		B-1B	        7th BW                 
61-0016/LA		B-52H	        2nd BW                 
70-0463			C-5A	        97th AMW               
05-3145	                C-130J	        314th AW               
58-0038	                KC-135R	        77th ARS AFRC          
81-0042/FF, 82-0016/FF	F-15C	        71st FS                
87-0206/SJ		F-15E	        334th FS	"334FS"
89-0471/SJ	        F-15E	        335th FS               
89-0480/SJ	        F-15E	        333rd FS               
89-0487/SJ	        F-15E	        335th FS	"335FS"
89-0488/SJ	        F-15E	        4th FW	"4FW"          
89-0490/SJ	        F-15E	        336th FS	"336FS"
86-0333/CC, 86-0342/CC	F-16C	        523rd FS               
00-0226/SW,99-0082/SW	F-16CJ	        79th FS                
1x			AH-64	        nn                     
92-0333/RA		T-1A	        99th FTS               
94-0115			T-1A	        nn                     
01-3631/RA		T-6A	        12th FTW               
69-7078/MY	        T-38C	        435th FTS              
160791/RM-00	        EA-6B	        VMAQ-4                 
164554/WH-02	        AV-8B+	        VMA-542                
165312		        AV-8B+	        nn                     
164687/AJ-400	        F/A-18C	        VFA-87                 
165988/F-988	        T-6A	        TW-6                   
165991/F-991	        T-6A	        TW-6                   
6001		        HH-60J	        USCG                   
N967NA/67	        T-38N	        NASA Ellington         
NX86FR "31201/FU-201"	F-86F	        ex 52-4959             
N406AX			Kfir C2	        ex Israel 825          
N651JM	                P-51D	        ex 44-74976            
N3193G	                B-17G	        ex 44-85829            
N6840D	                B-26C	        ex 44-35911            
N9246B	                P-47D	        ex 44-90460            

87-0192/SJ		F-15E		333rd FS               
88-1702/SJ		F-15E	        334th FS               
88-1676/SJ, 89-0484/SJ	F-15E	        335th FS               
88-1708/SJ, 89-0478/SJ	F-15E	        335th FS               
90-0230/SJ, 90-0232/SJ	F-15E	        335th FS               
88-1668/SJ, 88-1671/SJ	F-15E	        336th FS               
88-1673/SJ, 88-1700/SJ	F-15E	        336th FS               
88-1688/SJ, 88-1690/SJ	F-15E	        336th FS               
88-1706/SJ, 89-0495/SJ	F-15E	        336th FS               
90-0231/SJ		F-15E	        336th FS	"336FS"
89-0498/SJ		F-15E	        336th FS               
89-0492/SJ		F-15E	        nmks                   

79-0135/FT, 80-0208/FT	OA-10A		75th FS        
79-0192/FT		OA-10A	        74th FS        
79-0223/FT		A-10A	        75th FS        
74-0665/HD/AF-251	QF-4E	        82nd ATRS Det.1
74-1652/TD/AF-254	QF-4E	        82nd ATRS      
89-0485/SJ		F-15E	        333rd FS       
163481/AD-320		F/A-18C	        VFA-106        
163465/AD-336		F/A-18C	        VFA-106        
160143/AJ-704		S-3B	        VS-24          
160133/AJ-706		S-3B	        VS-24          
6x			SNJ-2	        Skytypers
1x			C-17
1x			C-31
1x    /FF		F-22

76-0126			F-15B		i/a	near parking
76-0133/SJ		F-15B	        i/a	near parking
74-0649/SJ		F-4E	        pres	near static 

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