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Seymour-Johnson 2015

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Seymour-Johnson Wings Over Wayne Airshow
Date: 16 May 2015
78-0649/FT A-10C 75th FS  
85-0059/DY B-1B 28th BS  
60-0009/MT B-52H 69th BS “69 BS”
85-0006 C-5B 337th AS AFRC  
07-7184 C-17A 437th AW  
60-0349 KC-135R 77th ARS AFRC  
77-0355/OK E-3B 964th ACCS  
88-1684/SJ F-15E 333rd FS “333 FS”
87-0200/SJ F-15E 334th FS “4 FW”
89-0500/SJ F-15E 334th FS “334 FS”
89-0483/SJ F-15E 335th FS  
89-0488/SJ F-15E 336th FS “336 FS”
09-4179/FF F-22A 94th FS  
11-5033/EG F-35A 58th FS “33 FW”
92-0334/AP T-1A 451st FTS “479 FTG”
05-3775/EN T-6A 89th FTS “80 FTW”
62-3715/TY T-38A 2nd FTS  
66-4343/EN T-38C 469th FTS “469 FTS”
164965/WK-05 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)224  
165805/104 F/A-18F NSAWC  
N223PG L-39C ex Russia  
NL5420V “44-15660” P-51D ex USAAF 44-74202  
N3JC SNJ-5C ex USN 51875  
N65491 T-28B ex USN 138245  
N7360C CeU206G Civil Air Patrol  
Reserved Aircraft static:
53-1370/FU-370 F-86H pres ex USAF  
66-15242 QUH-1M pres ex US Army  
64-13767 UH-1H pres ex US Army  
65-12958 OH-6A pres ex US Army  
The static was placed on the Air Force Reserve Command KC-135 ramp towards the middle of the runway. The three preserved Army helicopters are all owned by the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association at Hillsborough (NC). As usual there were no fences around the aircraft, which makes it less interesting for those with their focus on taking pictures. It did however provide a good opportunity to check construction numbers for some of the aircraft. Exceptions were the JSF, Raptor and P-51 Mustang which were placed behind a fence, and which were protected by heavily armed guards.
West ramp (next to static):
76-0126/”SJ” F-15B ia as F-15E in 4th FW mks  
76-0133/”SJ” F-15B ia as F-15E in 4th FW mks  
These two Eagles were painted in green Strike Eagle colours, complete with 4th FW tailcode and unit markings. Both were easily visible from the static area.
Base HQ:
“81-0987/FT“ A-10A pres ex78-0725 23rd WG  
64-0770/“SJ“ F-4C pres 4th TFW mks  
77-0161/“SJ“ F-15B pres as F-15E 4th FW mks  
53-1573 F-100A pres  
61-0056/“SJ“ F-105D pres in 4th TFW mks  
These aircraft are located in the area behind the main gate and not visible from outside. Closer to the gate a Spitfire is preserved in memory of the heritage of the 4th Wing during the Second World War. The 4th Fighter Group took over responsibility of the so called Eagle squadrons within the Royal Air Force (71sq, 121sq and 133sq) on 29 September 1942. The pilots of these squadrons were American volunteers prior to the United States entering the conflict, and amongst others participated in the Battle of Britain. Sadly this Spitfire is not the real deal but a plastic mock-up.
Flightline next to static:
92-3898/1 F-16CM ADS Thunderbirds  
91-0466/4 F-16DM ADS Thunderbirds  
Plus four additional F-16CMs, which remained unidentified (codes 2, 3, 5 and 6). The tail numbers of the two listed aircraft were read from the ejection seats.
78-0613/FT, 79-0192/FT A-10C 75th FS  
91-9143 C-130H 328th AS AFRC  
57-1456 KC-135R 77th ARS AFRC  
62-3615/TY T-38A 2nd FTS  
N56478 “BT-78” BT-13A ex USAAF 41-22926  
N4447 “AI-111” Harvard IV ex RCAF 20450  
NX15799 “AI-113” Harvard IV ex RCAF 20326  
N11171 “AI-115” AT-6B ex USAAF 41-17422  
N3725G “AII-356” AT-6D ex USAAF 42-84905  
N9280C “AI-118” SNJ-5 ex USN 112178  
N3242G “AI-313” SNJ-5 ex USN 43766  
NL51HYP-51D NL51HY ex USAAF 45-11439  
N9109R T-7 ex USAAF 43-33403  
F-15E of 336th FS, coded SJ:
87-0177, 87-0181, 87-0195, 88-1669, 88-1673, 88-1687, 89-0474, 89-0490
All aircraft listed here flew from the 4th FW ramp on the east side of the base. Additional aircraft could be seen on this ramp, but these are listed further on in this report. The Tora Tora demonstration team arrived on Saturday 16 May 2015 in the afternoon and immediately commenced their display. Afterwards they landed and were parked on the 4th FW ramp as well. During the morning four Strike Eagles took to the sky for the opening of the show, while another four participated in the afternoon air power display. Other participants in this display were two A-10C Thunderbolts, one C-130H Hercules and one T-38A Talon. Of course a lot of pyrotechnics were used in the air power display and the low flying Strike Eagles released loads of flares. These flares did set fire to the grass along the runway so at the end of the display all aircraft had to circle the airfield for half an hour before the fire services managed to put out the fires…
4th FW ramp (east side):
74-0649/SJ F-4E pres marked “4th FW“  
79-0139/FT, 80-0140/FT A-10C 75th FS  
63-8154/TY T-38A 2nd FTS  
F-15E of 333rd FS, coded SJ:
86-0186, 87-0185, 87-0188, 87-0190, 87-0191, 89-0472, 89-0478, 89-0485, 90-0228, 90-0229
F-15E of 334th FS, coded SJ:
87-0178, 87-0193, 87-0205, 88-1686, 88-1691, 88-1704, 89-0481, 89-0499
F-15E of 335th FS, coded SJ
86-0189, 87-0174, 87-0175, 87-0197, 87-0199, 88-1683, 89-0476, 89-0486, 89-0493
F-15E of 336th FS, coded SJ
87-0206, 88-1682, 88-1688, 89-0489, 89-0505 plus the eight aircraft listed under the header “flying“.
Only part of this ramp was visible from the public area. In order to see all aircraft one had to take a peak from the outside. For the record, only two Strike Eagles could be identified from the public area, being 89-0478/SJ and 88-1691/SJ. The access roads outside the base were all closed to the public. The only way to view the ramp was by arriving very early in the morning (6 am), when no police or other security was in place yet outside the base. The roads at that time were already blocked for traffic. But on foot the perimeter fence could still be reached. Due to the sun sheds, about fourteen additional F-15E Strike Eagles remained unidentified.
East ramp:
KC-135R 77th ARS AFRC:
58-0038, 60-0349, 61-0313, 62-3528, 63-8014
In the far east corner of the airfield, behind the 4th FW ramp seen from the static area, a number of KC-135R Stratotankers were parked in dispersals. Also the single KC-135R participating in the flying display was parked here.
All in all not a bad air show for the number crunchers, that is if you were on time and managed to make your way to the fence to read off the aircraft on the Strike Eagle ramp. As often there were a few late cancellations, including an US Army Chinook and two US Army Apaches. The air show was performed against the light, which again will scare off those looking to take pictures only. It must however also be said that the air power demonstration was quite dynamic compared to other air shows in the United States and well worth the wait until it commenced mid-afternoon. Parking had to take place on the base, in the housing area. From there busses were available for the transit to the static area. This could have been arranged a bit more efficient. The lost time however was made up by a very efficient secutiry check inside one of the hangers which one had to pass through between the bus and the static. Sufficient metal detector gates and staff was available. On top of that the staff seemed to be in a very good mood and things progressed fast and in a very friendly atmosphere. For those wondering where the name of the air show comes from, Seymour Johnson AFB is located in Wayne County, North Carolina.


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