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Shaw 1994

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Date: 30 April 1994

Made by:


80-0144/SW blue       A-10A        20th FW
81-0964/SW blue       A-10A        20th FW "55FS"
87-0045               C-5B         436th AW
85-0031/SJ black      KC-10A       4th Wing 'City of Goldsboro'
63-7874/LK black      C-130E       314th AW
64-0498/FT            C-130E       23rd Wing
67-0014               C-141B       no mks
65-0833/BH            RF-4C        106th RS AL ANG "106RS"
80-0033/EG mlt        F-15C        33rd FW "33OG"
91-0359/SW red        F-16C        20th FW
91-0396/SW mlt        F-16C        20th FW "20OG"
91-0363/SW mlt        F-16C        20th FW "20FW"
74-0181/CC yellow     F-111F       27th FW
88-0842/HO            F-117A       8th FS 'Black Sheep'
69-6655               UH-1N        1st AS/89th AW
69-5798/FF green      HH-3E        1st FW
62-5955/CB white      T-37B        14th FTW
64-13298/RA           AT-38B       12th FTW
60-0572/RA blue       T-38A        12th FTW
70-1590/CB blue       T-38A        14th FTW
161155/AB-113         F-14A        VF-102
163857/KD-09          AV-8B        VMAT-203
162259/E-259          T-34C        TW-5
114036                CT-114       2 CFFTS
188921                CF-188B      433sq

78-0725/SW            A-10A        20th FW
..-0277/SW            A-10A        20th FW

65-0238               C-141B       60th AW
83-0017/FF            F-15C        1st FW
83-0023/FF            F-15C        1st FW
And the following aircraft of 20th FW:
A-10A 'SW' blue  : 78-0591, 79-0178, 79-0179, 79-0192
                   80-0140, 80-0157, 80-0170, 80-0237
                   81-095., 81-0947, 81-0967, 81-0948
                   81-0990, 82-0657, ..-0208, ..-0229
F-16C            : 90-0732, 90-0770, 91-0367, 91-0378
F-16D            : 91-0469
F-16C 'SW' white : 90-0757, 90-0759, 90-0765
F-16C 'SW' yellow: 91-0368, 91-0373, 91-0375, 91-0376
                   91-0377, 91-0382, 91-0389, 91-0398
F-16D 'SW' red   : 90-0845, 91-0463
F-16C 'SW' mlt   : 91-0368 "9th AF"

Flying only:
90-0533 yellow        C-17A        437th AW
164647/AJ-402         F/A-18C      VFA-87

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