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Sheppard 1999

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Date: 16 October 1999

Made by:


A-10A		78-0597/FT	75 FS            
A-10A	        78-0676/FT	75 FS            
AT-38B	        61-0863/EN	88 FTS           
B-52H	        60-0049/LA	20 BS            
C-17A	        92-2392		437 AW           
C-21A	        84-0079		457 AS           
C-9A	        68-8934		375 AW           
F-15C	        79-0021/TY	2 FS             
F-15C	        79-0070/TY	1 FS             
F-15E	        88-1667/MO	391 FS           
F-15E	        88-1678/MO	391 FS           
F-16C	        91-0387/SW	78 FS            
F-16C	        91-0394/SW	78 FS            
T-1A	        92-0331/RA	99 FTS           
T-37B	        64-13468/EN	80 FTW           
T-38A	        66-8380/EN	'80 FTW'         
CT-114	        114089		2 CFFTS          
CT-114	        114171		2 CFFTS          
E-3A	        LX-N90442	NAEWF            
F-4F	        72-1128/HO	20 FS  ex '37+18'
Tornado	        44+81		TTC              
Static 82 TW:
AH-1S		70-16088          
C-130E	        62-1807           
C-130E	        72-1289/LK        
EC-135H	        61-0282           
F-15B	        76-0136           
GA-10A	        73-1665/ST        
GA-10A	        75-0260/ST        
GB-52G	        59-2578           
GC-130B	        58-0727           
GC-130E	        61-2364/ST        
GC-130E	        62-1794           
GC-141B	        66-0126           
GC-141B	        66-0176           
GF-15A	        74-0119/ST        
GF-15A	        76-0054/ST        
GF-15A	        76-0067/ST        
GF-15A	        76-0079/ST        
GF-15A	        76-0083/ST        
GF-15A	        76-0110/ST        
GF-15A	        77-0085/ST        
GF-15A	        77-0125/ST        
GF-15A	        77-0150/ST        
GF-15B	        74-0142/ST        
GF-15B	        76-0135/ST        
GF-15B	        77-0154/ST        
GF-15B	        77-0156/ST        
GF-16A	        79-0307/ST        
GF-16A	        79-0330/ST        
GF-16A	        79-0332/ST        
GF-16A	        79-0344/ST        
GF-16A	        79-0360/ST        
GF-16A	        80-0495/ST        
GF-16A	        80-0522/ST        
GF-16A	        81-0676/ST        
GF-16C	        83-1143/ST        
GKC-135A        58-0070   
GUH-1F	        65-7922/ST        
H-53	        67-0053   	nn
KC-135E	        56-3623           
KC-135E	        56-3645		940 ARW   
NC-130E	        64-0500/D4        
Static hangar 1:
C-172		N99245		USAF  Civil Air Patrol
Predator	94-3006/ST	could be a mockup

Static hangar 2:
B-52G		58-0200		82 TW     
GF-15A	        72-0115/ST rd
GF-15A	        76-0008/ST rd
GF-16C	        83-1127/ST rd
GF-16C	        87-0251/ST rd
GF-16C	        89-2146/ST rd
Display Center:
F-16C	6x	Thunderbirds

North Flight Line:
A-10A		..-..../DM wh *
A-10A		..-..../DM wh *
C-130E		63-7894*	61 AS  'the Rock'
C-130E		63-7896*	61 AS  'the Rock'
C-130H		85-1367*	181 AS	TX ANG
F-16C		1x *		Thunderbirds
F-16D		1x		Thunderbirds
* = also flying
Note:	A-10's left in the afternon for Dyess AFB air show 
	as well as F-16C from the Thunderbirds. 

Flying only:
F-117A		1x/HO		49 FW
T-37B		4x/EN		80 FTW	at 80 FTW ramp
T-38A		5x/EN		80 FTW	at 80 FTW ramp

F-100		42151/FW-151	
F-101		...		
F-104		60912		
F-105		61-175/RU	
F-106		70826		
GF-111A		63-9773/CC
GF-4C		63-7426
GYT-37A		62-5950
T-33		19157		
T-33		35255		
T-38		61-0858
VT-29A		91934		

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