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South Weymouth 1988

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Date: 18 June 1988

Made by:


160042/61	A-4M		VMA-322			NAS So Weymouth
155112/B-111	TA-4J		TW-2 VT-21		NAS Kingsville
155653/506	A-6E		VA-35			NAS Oceania
162729/CG-13	AV-8B		VMA-321			MCAS Cherry Pt.
69-0017		C-5A		439 MAW	337 MAS		Westover AFB
161499/7Z	UC-12B		Base Flight		NAS So Weymouth
64-0633		C-141B		438 MAW			McGuire AFB
159425/AA-114	F-14A		VF-74			NAS Oceania
76-0018		F-15A		102 FIW	101 FIS	MA ANG
81-0733		F-16A		158 FIG	134 FIS VT ANG
2121*		HU-25A		CGAS Cape Cod
63-8872		KC-135A		509 BW			Pease AFB
155438/ER-12	OV-10A		VMO-1			MCAS New River
155492/ER-01	OV-10D		VMO-1			MCAS New River
153435		P-3B		VP-92			NAS So Weymouth   
159758/AD-714	S-3A		VS-27	                NAS Cecil Field   
161837/G-737	T-44A		VT-27	                NAS Corpus Christi
157181/NW	HH-1K		HAL-4			NAS Norfolk
158561/QK-403	UH-1N		HML-771			NAS So Weymouth
151335/NW-40	SH-2F		HSL-74			NAS So Weymouth
1475		HH-3F		CGAS Cape Cod
153352/BR-54	CH-46D		HC-8			NAS Norfolk
68-18476	CH-54B		208th Trans Co CT NG

153433		P-3B	  	VP-92
161605?/42   	F-14A   	VF-101
....../50	F-14A           VF-101
....../03	AV-8B           VMA-321

In hangar:
149772/44	SH-2F		HSL-74
150143/47	SH-2F		HSL-74
149748/42	SH-2F		HSL-74
152190/43	SH-2F		HSL-74
149024/..	SH-2F		HSL-74

* = also flying

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