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South Weymouth 1990

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Date: 23 June 1990

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153484/50	TA-4F		VMA-322			NAS So Weymouth
155066/3	A-4F		VFC-12			NAS Oceana
155719/EA-512	A-6E		VMA-AW-332  		MCAS Cherry Pt.
157492/AF-501	A-7E		VA-205	              	NAS Atlanta
XZ457		Harrier FRS.1	801 SQ
68-0222		C-5A		439 MAW	337 MAS		Westover AFB
161499/7Z	UC-12B		Base Flight		NAS So Weymouth
161516/7J	UC-12B		Base Flight		NAS Alameda ?
65-0276		C-141B		437 MAW			Charleston AFB
161347/606	EA-6B		VAQ-309			NAS Whidbey Is.
162704/AB-102	F-14A		VF-102		        NAS Oceana    
162856/AK-405	F/A-18A		VFA-137		        NAS Cecil Field
ZE289/BA	Tornado F.3	29 SQ		        RAF Coningsby  
ZE732/CH	Tornado F.3	5 SQ		        RAF Coningsby  
87-0124		KC-10A		68 ARW			S. Johnson AFB
......		P-3B		VP-92			NAS So Weymouth
159415/AE-706	S-3A		VS-28			NAS Cecil Field
164161/E-161	T-34C	  	TAW 5			NAS Whiting Field
158560/QK-450	UH-1N		HML-771			NAS So Weymouth 
150141/NW-45	SH-2F		HSL-74		        NAS So Weymouth 
148964/NW	SH-3D		HS-75		        NAS Jacksonville
158692/NW-603	RH-53D		HM-18		        NAS Norfolk     

67-0161		FB-111A		380 BW
150143		SH-2F		HSL 74
152190		SH-2F		HSL 74
163449/306	F/A-18C    	VFA 82
163456/310	F/A-18C    	VFA 82

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