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South Weymouth 1993

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Date: 12 June 1993

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160024/QG-00	A-4M		VMA-131			NAS Willow Grove
158129/A-729	TA-4J		TW-1 VT-7		NAS Meridian
158477/NJ-616	TA-4J		VF-126			NAS Mirimar
152923/AG-500	A-6E		VA-34			NAS Oceania
160434/NJ-637	EA-6B		VAQ-129			NAS Whidbey Is.
158040/CY-01	EA-6B		VMAQ-2			MCAS Cherry Pt.
78-0655/FT	A-10A		23WG 75FS		Pope AFB
80-0223/FT	A-10A		23WG 75FS		Pope AFB
161499/7Z	UC-12B		Base Flight		NAS So. Weymouth
84-0122		C-21A		DET 2  457 AS		Maxwell AFB ?
163698/NJ-612	E-2C Gp II	VAW-110			NAS Mirimar
81-0744		F-16A		158FW 134FS  VT ANG
162826/XE-05	F/A-18A	XE	VX-5			NAS Fallon
164226/AG-402	F/A-18C	AG	VFA-131			NAS Cecil Field
87-0122/SJ	KC-10A		4WG			S. Johnson AFB
....../LY-7	P-3C		VP-92			NAS So. Weymouth
159157/A-980	T-2C		TAW-1 VT-19		NAS Meridian
64-13436/GR	T-37B		416BW ACE		Griffiss AFB
62-3692		T-38A		64FTW 54FTS		Reese AFB
160969/G-459	T-44A		TW-4 VT-31		NAS C. Christi
66-16808	UH-1H		26AV BN	MA NG
158774-454	UH-1N		HML-771			NAS So. Weymouth
69-16413	AH-1S		1SQ 142 AV BN  NY NG
152203		SH-2F		HSL-74			NAS So. Weymouth
163159/EN-42	CH-53E		HMH-464			MCAS New River
162040/E-76	TH-57C		TAW-5 HT-8		NAS Whiting Field
162107/446	SH-60B		HSL-48?			NAS Mayport?
6029		HH-60J		USCG			CGAS Cape Cod

		CC-129		Civil (Cold Lake mkgs)
161932		F/A-18B    	Blue Angels
151891		KC-130F   	Blue Angels
158773		UH-1N
158562		UH-1N
....../106	F-14B		VF-101
....../121    	F-14B		VF-101

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