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St. Petersburg-Clearwater 2000

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Date: 3 June 2000

Made by:


79-0155/BD	A-10A		47th FS AFRC          
62-3573		KC-135R	        91st ARS              
89-2062/MY	F-16CG	        69th FS               
89-2150/MY	F-16CG	        69th FS               
67-14740/VN	T-37A	        71st FTW              
64-13264/CB	AT-38B	        14th FTW              
161979/MG-04	F/A-18A	        VMFA-321              
162815/E-129	TH-57C	        TAW-5                 
162822/E-136	TH-57C	        TAW-5                 
161338/338	P-3C	        VP-16                 
1704, 1713	HC-130H	        Clearwater            
1716, 1717	HC-130H	        Clearwater            
1718		HC-130H	        Clearwater            
6012, 6032	HH-60J	        Clearwater            
6034		HH-60J	        Clearwater            
N104RB		CF-104D	        'Starfighters'        
N104RD		CF-104	        'Starfighters'        
NL351		P-51D	        '415326' "Sizlin Liz" 
N717UP		T-6G	        '93529/TA-529'        
		P-51D	        '413317' "Little Duck"

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