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Syracuse 1999

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Date: 11 September 1999

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Updated: 30 November 2003

146444		CH-146A Griffon		438 Sqn
76-523/NY	A-10A Warthog		138FS/174FW Syracuse
67-0173		C-5A Galaxy		137AS/105AW The Fearless Ones
85-1608		C-31A Friendship	Golden Knights
77-0113		F-15A Eagle		101FS, 102FW
..-..../FF	F-15C Eagle		1FW
88-1701/SJ	F-15E Strike Eagle	335FS Chiefs/4FW
89-0502/SJ	F-15E Strike Eagle	335FS Chiefs/4FW
83-1155/NY	F-16C Fighting Falcon	138FS/174FW Syracuse
80-786/HO	F-117A Nighthawk	9FS The Iron Knights/49 FW
24435		UH-60L Blackhawk	2-10 Av (10th Mountain Division)
90-0413/CB	T-1A Jayhawk		48FTS Alley Cats/14FTW
62-5953/CB	T-37B Tweet		37FTS Bengal Tigers/14FTW
68-8150/HO	AT-38B Talon		7FS Bunyabs/49FW
N850NA (161703)	F/A-18A Hornet		NASA
165064/B-264	T-45A Goshawk		TW-2
6540		HH-65A Dolphin	

53-1519		F-86 Sabre		138FS/174FW
N51RT		P-51D Mustang		'413317/B-VF'
N52424		T-28 Trojan		'137789/NJ-789' VA-122
N9J		Model 300S	
N187FE		B727-22C		FedEx
N269LP		Ce172 Skyhawk SP	
N311RF		Be200 Super King Air	
N357FG		P-51D Mustang		'44-13318'
N474UP		B757-24APF		UPS
N601LM		C90 King Air	
N757FX		Ce208B Caravan		FedEx
N3703G/124485 	B-17F Flying Fortress	(41-24485?)
N7268A		Ce182 Skylane	
NX7699		Showcat	
N8393H/AF 845	Model 18 (C-45?)	US Army Missile Command
N7269S		Ce206H Stationair	

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