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Travis 1999

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Date: 26 June 1999

Made by: Mark Whitehead


C-141B             66-0144             57AS 97 AMW 
E-3B               75-0560/OK          966 AACTS 
C-130E             62-1816             314 AW, 62 AS 
C-21A              84-0117             AMC, 375 AW 
NT-39A             60-478/ED 
T-37B              56-577/XL           47FTW 
T-38A              68-8195/CB          14FTW 
T-38A              ..-..../EN          90FTW                no serial visible 
T-44A              160978/B            NAS Corpus Christi 
KC-10A             86-0034             60AMW, 349AMW 
F-15C              80-0002/EG          33FTW, 58FS 
F-15C              79-0059/EG          33FTW, 58FS 
E-6B               162783              SCW-1/VQ-3 
FA-18C             165179/AC-305       CVW-3, VFA-37 "Bulls" 
T-34C              160534/G-111        TAW-4/VT-27 
T-34C              162290/G-760        TAW-4/VT-27 
SH-60D             161556/TS-03        HSL-41 
FA-18A             163150/AF-100       VFA-201 "Hunters" 
FA-18A             162839/AF-103       VFA-201 "Hunters" 
C-5B               87-0032             60AMW, 349AMW 
B-1B               84-0050/DY          7 BW/28 BS 
CH-47D             90-0206             140AVN, CA ARNG 

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