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Travis AFB 2014

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Travis AFB             Thunder over Solana Airshow
Date: 03-04 May 2014
Main static:
79-0209/DM, 79-0209/DM A-10C 355th FW ‘5 OG’
60-0055/MT B-52H 5th BW  
86-0026 C-5B 60th AMW  
79-1048 KC-10A 60th AMW  
08-0336/BB MC-12W 9th RW  
06-6160 C-17A 60thAMW  
62-4127/OF TC-135W 55th WG  
59-1480 KC-135T 92nd ARW  
79-0003/OK E-3C 552nd ACW ‘366 WG’
88-1707/MO F-15E 389th FS ‘62 FS’
84-1308/LF F-16C 62nd FS  
95-1439/LF F-16CM 62nd FS  
-- F-16DM Thunderbirds ‘3 WG’
10-4193/AK F-22A 90th FS ‘71 FTW’
/VN T-1A 71st FTW ‘80 OG’
(08-3917)/EN T-6A 80th FTW  
66-8395/EN T-38C 80th FTW  
80-1093 U-2S 9th RW  
N3476G B-25J ex 44-28932  
N49295/37 PT-17 Private  
N6657D PV-2D ex USN 84062  
NL151D P-51D ex 44-72777  
N395HR P-51D ex  
138294/2P T-28B N5540F  
138306/PA T-28D N306WW  
East ramp static:
86-0026 C-5B 60th AMW  
77-0123 KC-10A 60th AMW  
06-6156 C-17A 60th AMW  
Flight line East:
88-0497/HL, 89-2134/HL F-16CM 388th FW  
85-01608 C-31A Golden Knights  
N20TF P-51D ex 46-73187  
N933GC T-33AN ex Canada 21306  
N451EA P-51D ex 44-73079  
Flight line west:
86-0017 C-5M 436th AW  
86-0024 C-5B 60th AMW  
06-6158 C-17A 60th AMW  
83-0080 KC-10A 60th AMW  
All four flew a “Team Travis” flypast. Unfortunately the airshow was cut short due to a fatal crash in the early stages of the airshow.


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