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Truax Field 1999

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Date: 14 July 1999

Made by: Ron van Dijk


87-0234/WI           F-16C               176thFS/115thFW/WI.ANG  50 years mks 
87-0260/WI           F-16C               176thFS/115thFW/WI.ANG 
81-23558             UH-60A              1-147thAVN/WI.ARNG 
71-20329             UH-1V               832ndMedCo/WI.ARNG 
91-0503              C-26B               OSAC/WI.ARNG 
62-3500              KC-135R             126thARS/128ndARW/WI.ANG 
67-0024              C-141B              155thAS/164thAW/TN.ANG 
66-0223              HC-130P             67thSOS/352ndSOG 
75-0079/SL           F-15A               110thFS/131thFW/MO.ANG 
76-0078/SL           F-15A               110thFS/131thFW/MO.ANG 
87-9285              C-130H              95thAS/440thAW 
79-0193/PA           A-10A               103thFS/111thFW/PA.ANG 

7x                   F-16C               Thunderbirds 
8                    F-16D               Thunderbirds 

68-10942             C-130E              2thAS/43thAW 
70-1262              C-130E              2thAS/43thAW 
94-0264              C-26B               176thFS/nm 
87-0345/WI           F-16C               176thFS/115thFW/WI.ANG 

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