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Tuscaloosa 2010

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Date: 7 May 2010

Made by:


142805 			CT142 		402sq            
78-0658/PA 	        A-10A 		103rd FS PA ANG  
80-0152/PA 	        OA-10A 		103rd FS PA ANG 
97-5304 	        WC-130J 	403rd WG AFRC  
91-0084/VN 	        T-1A 		32nd FTS          
06-855/CB 	        T-6A 		14TH FTS          
72-0288/RA 	        CT-43A 		12th FTW        
159583/MD-02 	        EA-6B 		VMAQ-3           
160706/MD-03 	        EA-6B 		VMAQ-3           
166017/E-107 	        T-6B 		TAW-5             
161058/G-433 	        T-44A 		VT-31            
165599/A-157 	        T-45C 		VT-7             
6556 		        MH-65C 		New Orleans     
NL82GA 		        A-24B 		ex USAAF 42-5432 
NL1042B 	        B-25J           ex USAAF 44-30823
N210G 		        P-51D           ex USAAF 44-84952
N9964Z 		        FG-1D           ex USN 92468     
N354HF 		        UH-1H           ex USAR 69-15354 
N624HF 		        UH-1H  	        ex USAR 66-16624 
N561N 		        CJ-6 		nn                
N621GT 		        O-2A 		ex USAF 68-11016  
N817NP 		        AT-6D 		ex USAAF 42-84429
N36TB 		        T-2B 		ex USN 152473     
NX39RZ 		        L-39ZO 		nn c/n 731003
N35920 		        Auster 		ex RAF DP359    

Flightline/fl ying:
79-0223//FT, 81-0967/FT A-10C 		74th FS
85-01608 		C-31A 		USA Para. Team
164763 			C-130T 		Blue Angels
N467CS 			C212 		Fayard Enterprises
N5283Y or N39 		L-29 		ex Czech 3243
From the Czech L-29 we do not know if it was preserved or in
flyworthy condition, but seen from the photos on the net, the
aircraft looks pristine and in flying condition.

Blue Angels F/A-18A/B^/C*:
163705/1*, 163106/2, 163130/3, 161959/4, 162437/5
163436/6*, 161723^

Sky Soldier with AH-1F:
67-15283, 67-15589, 71-20988, 79-23233

53-5109 		T-33A 		pres

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