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Tyndall 2001

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Date: 24/25 March 2001

Made by: S

Updated: 10 July 2001

79-0105/BD		OA-10A		47th FS AFRC         
61-0006/LA	        B-52H	        11th BS "Old Soldier"
70-0467		        C-5A	        436th AW             
68-10960	        C-9A	        11th AS "Shiloh"     
90-0533		        C-17A	        97th AMW "58AS"      
84-0105		        C-21A	        84th AF              
66-0225		        MC-130P	        9th SOS              
63-8888		        KC-135R	        97th AMW "55ARS"     
66-0206		        C-141B	        97th AMW             
77-0353/OK	        E-3B	        965th AACS           
84-0048/TD	        E-9A	        82nd ATRS            
69-7260/TD/AF206	QF-4G	        53rd WEG "53WG"      
78-0568/TY		F-15D	        95th FS              
79-0008/TY, 79-0030/TY	F-15D	        1st FS               
79-0034/TY		F-15C	        95th FS              
80-0039/TY	        F-15C	        95th FS              
81-0027/TY	        F-15C	        1st FS "325FW"       
82-0026/TY	        F-15C	        95th FS "95FS"       
82-0032/TY	        F-15C	        2nd FS "325OG"       
83-0038/TY	        F-15C	        2nd FS               
75-0745/AE	        F-16A	        travelling exhibit    
86-0212/FS	        F-16C	        184th FS AR ANG      
84-0827/HO	        F-117A	        8th FS               
86-9023		        AH-64A	        1-111AVN FL NG     
94-0135/CB	        T-1A	        14th FTW             
95-3003/RA	        T-6A	        12th FTW             
57-2258/CB, 59-0332/CB	T-37B	        14th FTW             
67-14957/CB		T-38A	        14th FTW             
68-8177/HO	        T-38A	        7th CTS              
69-7076/CB	        T-38A	        14th FTW             
164403		        EA-6B	        nmks                 
164488/AD-620	        E-2C	        VAW-120              
163056/01	        MH-53E	        NSWC                 
165485/A-100	        T-45C	        TW-1/VT-7            
53 rd			MiG-23ML	ex GAF 2025
53 bl	                MiG-29		nn                 
N843MB	                DC-3		Mosquito Control   
N5623D?	                L-39		as "26 wh"         
N7694C	                C-45G		'111467'           
N82778	                OH-58A		ex 71-20439        

Flying/East side:
78-0650/DM, 80-0246/DM	A-10A		357th FS "355WG"
85-1608			C-31A	        USA Para Team   
63-7839			C-130E	        61st AS         
92-0548			C-130H	        50th AS         
69-7209/TD/AF-208	QF-4G	        53rd WEG "53WEG"
69-7262/-		QF-4G	        53rd WEG        
79-0036/EG		F-15C	        60th FS "60FS"  
79-0042/EG		F-15C	        58th FS         
85-0813/HO		F-117A	        8th FS "8FS"    
NL2151D			P-51D	        '414237'        
N35920			Piper J4	'DP359'
-			T-6		Zero repl. "A1-101"
-			SNJ-5		'43779'
-			MiG-17		Red Bull
-			F-86		'71461'
And the Thunderbirds with F-16Cs 1 - 6.

Flying only:
86-0137/DY		B-1B		13th BS
60-0001/LA		B-52H		20th BS

Ramp behind static:
95th FS 'TY' blue:
F-15C:	78-0542	  79-0029   79-0054*  80-0042
	81-0045	  81-0048   82-0030   83-0028
	84-0006*  81-0046*
F-15D:	78-0561	  78-0565   78-0574   80-0055
	80-0056	  82-0044   83-0050

West ramp:
1st FS 'TY' red:
F-15C:	79-0026   79-0047   79-0070   80-0040
	80-0050   82-0034   83-0030
F-15D:	78-0566*  78-0573   79-0007   79-0011
	80-0060   81-0065
2nd FS 'TY' yellow:
F-15C:	78-0535   79-0021   80-0028$  81-0024
	81-0028*  82-0021   82-0033   83-0015
	83-0032*  83-0035
F-15D:	79-0009   79-0014   80-0057   81-0064
* = only noted on 24th
$ = only noted on 25th

Hangar 2nd FS:
79-0016/TY, 80-0027/TY	F-15C		2nd FS
82-0031/TY		F-15C		2nd FS
84-0043/TY		F-15D		2nd FS

80-0594/MN		F-16A		179th FS MN ANG
81-0795/MN		F-16A		179th FS MN ANG
2x     /MN		F-16		179th FS MN ANG
These four Fighting Falcons were on alert duty on the far side
of the base and could only be seen from the outside. 
Apart from these, about 20 more QF-4s could be some been, but not 
read-off on the far side.

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