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Tyndall 2007

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Date: 24 March 2007

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The 325th Fighter Wing hosted their 2007 event on 24 March 2007 at Tyndall AFB in 
Panama City (FL) off of US Highway 98. This year’s beautiful weather forecast for 
the weekend promised a great event. Unfortunately the USMC pulled the MV-22s from 
the static show for a pre-deployment exercise in the week before the show. Initially 
they were slated to fly in the show as well. This year the show was only one day, 
in the years before it always was a two day event.
Static west:
(03 white) 		MiG-29 		fake 53 blue code, ex Moldovan Air Force
84-0047/TD 		E-9A 		82nd ATRS
66-7990/CB 		T-37B 		37th FTS/41st FTS
165969/F-969 		T-6A 		TAW-6
162298/E-298 		T-34C 		TAW-5
165601/A-159 		T-45C 		VT-7
N1144Q 			Ce310H 		private, as U-3C 630144
N138RM 			O-2A 		private, as 68-11029
N22KD 			AT-6C 		Musick Aircraft Corp,as Catch 22
N25YR 			TB-25N 		AHFM, as 43-27868 Yellow Rose
N486AF 			MU-2B-26 	Air 1st Aviation
N5259W 			O-2A 		private, as 68-10831
N7118Q 			Ce172L 		Civil Air Patrol
N8130N 			Gnat T1 	Fast Jets
N99184 			T-33 Mk3 	Red Knight Air Show
NL40PN 			P-40N 		Cavanaugh Flight Museum, as P-8104/5 *
NX60DJ 			Harvard IV 	private as Zero AI-101*
This part of the static also contained two 83rd ATRS drones on a trolly: BQM-34A 
99-8013 and BQM-167A 05-0124. AHFM is short for American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum.

Static west under sun shade:
91-0099/RA 		T-1A 		99th FTS, Tuskegee Airmen markings
165972/F-972 		T-6A 		TAW-6
161794/E-794 		T-34C 		TAW-5
N129DH 			L-39 		private
N2995C 			Navion A 	AHFM
N392W 			T-28A 		FL Warbirds Museum, as 138314
N63NA 			T-28A 		private, as 138263
N8272M 			Jet Provost T4 	private, ex XP567
They might be handy for crews working the flight line under the hot Florida sun, 
the so-called sun sheds on the ramp with a portion of the static aircraft parked 
underneath, but they are a right disaster for photographers.

Parking west:
78-0535/TY, 81-0024/TY 	F-15C 		2nd FS          
82-0035/TY, 83-0038/TY 	F-15C           2nd FS          
82-0032/TY 		F-15C           2nd FS "325 OG" 
79-0014/TY, 81-0061/TY 	F-15D           2nd FS          
81-0064/TY, 80-0057/TY 	F-15D           2nd FS          
81-0061/TY, 81-0064/TY 	F-15D           2nd FS          
81-0061/TY, 81-0064/TY 	F-15D           2nd FS          
80-0027/TY, 82-0027/TY 	F-15C           95th FS         
82-0026/TY 		F-15C           95th FS *       
83-0022/TY, 83-0031/TY 	F-15C           95th FS *       
81-0048/TY 		F-15C           95th FS "95FS" *
80-0061/TY 		F-15D           95th FS         
The four flying Eagles departed from the east side parking and did the National 
Anthem flyby. While identifying the row of parked Eagles which were parked at 
a distance beyond a simple plastic fence, a clearly overactive and suspicious Air
Force police NCO type jumped out his van and stated bluntly the area was restricted 
and I was not allowed to even look (with my camera) at the parked aircraft. I 
looked at him for a moment, said "ok", walked out of sight of him and finished my

Flight line centre:
161967/1, 161959/2 	F/A-18A 	Blue Angels *
161948/3, 161942/4 	F/A-18A 	Blue Angels *
163106/5, 162897/6 	F/A-18A 	Blue Angels *

Static centre:
72-1490/TD 		QF-4E 		82nd ATRS "82 ATRS"
81-0028/TY 		F-15C 		2nd FS
02-4040/TY 		F-22A 		43rd FS "325 FW"

Static east:
04-4137 		C-17A 		6th AS
88-4407 		C-130H 		95th AS AFRC
60-0346 		KC-135T 	314th ARS AFRC
77-0351/OK 		E-3B 		960th AACS
73-1150/RA 		CT-43A 		562nd FTS
89-00222, 89-00234 	AH-64A 		1-130th AVN NC ARNG
165299/AJ-601 		E-2C 		VAW-124
165243/CJ-22 		CH-53E 		HMH-461 65637
164465/HR-502 		SH-60B 		HSL-48 701796
6596 			HH-65B 		CGAS New Orleans

Static west under sun shade:
78-0615/CT 		OA-10A 		118th FS CT ANG
81-0965/CT 		A-10A 		118th FS CT ANG
81-0065/TY 		F-15D 		95th FS
91-0327/WA 		F-15E 		17th WS
87-0218/AL 		F-16C 		160th FS AL ANG, named City of Auburn
87-0219/AL 		F-16C 		160th FS AL ANG, named City of Opelika
67-14841/EN 		T-38A 		90th FTS
68-8112/RA 		T-38C 		560th FTS
161119/CY-01 		EA-6B 		VMAQ-2
161774/CY-03 		EA-6B 		VMAQ-2
162874/AJ-401 		F/A-18A+ 	VFA-87
164630/AJ-310 		F/A-18C 	VFA-15
N730TB 			TB-30 		Skypath, ex AdlA 71
N34KT 			T-34B 		private, ex 140937
N134RR 			T-34B 		Aerotek of Florida, ex 144033/RR-OO
N34AQ 			T-34A 		BJK Mentoring, ex 53-3351
The Eagle, Strike Eagle and two Fighting Falcons above are former Soesterberg, 
Lakenheath and two Spangdahlem aircraft!

Parking east flying:
73-1171/TD 		QF-4E 		82nd ARTS "53 WG"
88-0533/HL + 1 		F-16C 		388th FW, F-16 West Coast Demo Team
03-4042/TY 		F-22A 		43rd FS Saturday
03-4043/TY 		F-22A 		43rd FS Friday
95-26634 		MH-60L 		160th SOAR(AC)
N106BD 			Talon Eagle 	Red Eagle Aviation
N181DM 			Chr. Eagle I 	Red Eagle Aviation
N252TW 			Yak-52TW 	D M M Airshows, Aerostars USA, as 34
N54SB 			Pitts Eagle 	Cloudchasers, Vortex Acrobatics
N621TW 			Yak-52TW 	Braben, Aerostars USA, as 04
N68PW 			EA300/S 	Patty Wagstaff Airshows
N718PH 			Yak-52TW 	Team Yak Attack, Aerostars USA, as 718
N7404C 			SNJ-4 		Sanders Racing, as Big Red
NX17YB 			LiM-5R 		Squadron 17
NX28NB 			T-28B 		as TX 028 Navy, ex 138287
NX-5443U 		T-28B 		as TX 026 Marines, ex 40047
NX556RH 		T-33A 		Vintage Aviation, as 547 Thunderbirds c/s
NX86FR 			F-86F 		Dale Snodgrass, as 31201/FU-201
NX-9060F 		T-28B 		as TX 027 USAF, ex 138164
During the National Anthem show opening the Black Hawk dropped the parachutists 
for the parachute jump and the US Army Black Daggers Combat Equipment Demo later. 
During the National Anthem show opening the Black Daggers circled the Pulse 10 
Meter N62073 from Dan Buchanan Aerobatics descending over the show center.

Parking east:
78-0542/TY, 81-0046/TY	F-15C 		95th FS
78-0564/TY, 78-0565/TY 	F-15D 		95th FS
78-0570/TY 		F-15D 		2nd FS
79-0029/TY, 79-0073/TY 	F-15C 		95th FS
80-0039/TY, 80-0042/TY 	F-15C 		95th FS
82-0009/WA 		F-15C 		433rd WS
83-0041/WA 		F-15C 		433rd WS "433WPS"
90-0260/WA + 3 		F-15E 		17th WS
+ 4 			F-22A 		43rd FS
152121/F-402 		UH-3H 		Pensacola
164105/NY-105 		KC-130T 	VMGR-452
161943/7 		F/A-18B 	Blue Angels
The Blue Angels two seater was not identified at the show but was seen flying two days 
later, at its home base NAS Pensacola (FL). Normally there are two number 7s, however.
The Hercules did not fly on Saturday but performed a full "Fat Albert" display on the 
Friday afternoon rehearsal before the Blue Angels routine started. This area was out 
of bounds unfortunately as I would have liked to see and shoot some more Raptors!

78-0574/TY 		F-15D 		95th FS
01-4025/TY, 02-4036/TY 	F-22A 		43rd FS
In hangars but with open doors a few more Raptors could be seen.

Preserved near southern main gate:
63-7408/- 		NF-4C 		ex USAF
74-0095/TY 		F-15A 		‘325 FW’
52-10133 		F-86L 		ex USAF
59-0145 		F-106A 		ex USAF

Across the runways:
53 rd 			MiG-23ML 	ex NVA/LSK
+ 24 			QF-4 		82nd ARTS
+ 3 			QF-4 		82nd ARTS wrecks
+ 7 			MU-2 		Air 1st Aviation
Not flying but worthwhile mentioning was the performance by Neal Darnell in his Flash 
Fire Jet Truck. Parking for the public was across from the main entrance of Tyndall AFB 
on the south entrance of the base. Buses were utilized for transportation of air show 
guests to and from the parking lots. In the morning the gates opened just before nine 
and if you were early the trip to the ramps, after a security check, was relatively
quick. In the afternoon however, after the Blues landed, it was a bit of a disaster 
with very long waiting lines for the buses and even longer waiting with your own (rental) 
car in line back to the highway. The best way was to simply walk back and strategically 
drive your car in and out around the waiting lines trying not to upset fellow victims 
and the military guides too much.

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