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Vanderberg 1995

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Date: 9 April 1995

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91-0019/LA            B-52H        96th BS
87-0040               C-5B         60th AMW
84-0103/CS            C-21A        774th ALF
83-0512/ED            C-23A        412th TW
63-7782/RI            C-130E       143rd AS RI ANG
64-0518/LK            C-130E       61st AS
63-8053/OF            EC-135C      7th ACCS
61-0329               EC-135C      452nd TS
65-0252, 67-0022      C-141B       60th AMW
75-0557/OK            E-3B         964th AACS
83-1144               F-16A        194th FS CA ANG
69-6638               UH-1N        76th RQF
93-0637/XL            T-1A         86th FTS
64-13271/BB "9th RW"  T-38A        1st RS(T)
70-1561/XL            T-38A        87th FTS
67-14975/N4975R       T-41A        Vandenberg FC, c/n 17256329
68-15086              AH-1S        1-140th AVN
91-0234               CH-47D       3-140th AVN
161196/8N             UC-12B       NAF El Centro
157060/A-970          T-2C         VT-19
159587/CB-05          EA-6B        VMAQ-1

79-0202/DM            A-10A        357th FS
80-0173/DM "355 WG"   OA-10A       355th Wing
80-0204/DM "355 WG"   OA-10A       355th Wing
68-10773, 69-6652     UH-1N        76th RQF
69-6660/HV            UH-1N        76th RQF
Plus the Thunderbirds with seven F-16Cs (1-6 plus one spare)
and an F-16D.

Hangar northside:
68-10776/HV, 69-6623  UH-1N        76th RQF

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