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Vidalia 2006

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Date: 29 April 2006

Made by:


146473			CH-146		430sq
146482			CH-146		430sq
156118			CT-156		NFTC
94-26555		UH-60L		2-3rd AVN
162020/E-56		TH-57C		TW-5
6561			HH-65C		CGAS Savannah

80-0194/FT		OA-10A		74th FS "23FG"
80-0208/FT		OA-10A		75th FS "23FG"
03-3677/MY		T-6A		3rd FTS
03-3678/MY		T-6A		3rd FTS
79-23254		UV-20A		Golden Knights

And the Canadian Snowbirds with the following CT-114 Tutors:
114013/1	114174/2	114058/3	114081/4
114149/5	114109/6	114131/7	114085/8
114146/9	114141/10	114172/11
The serial/code combinations for the "4" and the "7" might have been
the other way around...

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