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Wheeler-Sack 2009

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Date: 27-28 June 2009

Made by:


69-0001  		C-5A  		105th AW  NY ANG
86-0027  		KC-10A  	305th AMW
92-1094  		LC-130H  	139th AS  NY ANG
64-14836  		KC-135R  	133rd ARS NH ANG 
85-1561  		F-16C  		138thFS NY ANG
69-6604  		UH-1N  		1st HS
99-3557/RA  		T-6A  		559th FTS
88-00079  		CH-47D  	US ARMY NY-ARNG
91-26328  		UH-60L  	US ARMY NY-ARNG
165163/QH-163 		KC-130T  	VMGR-234
N345AB  		C-47A  		ex USAAF 330652     
N45GC  			C-45H           ex 52-10539         
N3703G  		B-17F           ex 41-24485         
N3267G/1  		SNJ-5           Aeroshell Aero. Team
N187AE  		AS350           Dept of Homel. Sec  
N26494  		Ce550           Dept of Homel. Sec  

188719  		CF-188A  	425sq  #
79-0213/FT  		A-10C  		23rd FG
80-0194/FT  		A-10C  		23rd FG
N252TW/34  		YAK-52RW  	Team Aerostar
N621TW/04  		YAK-52TW  	Team Aerostar
N500DR  		T-34  		"LL/50"       
N421NM  		T-34            "LL/21" 550720
N12252  		T-34            "LL/52" 550704
N34B  			T-34            "LL/10" 530017
N134TD  		T-34            ex USN 140745 
N53BR  			T-34            "LL/53" 533391
N555PF  		T-28C  		ex USN 138265
N666GR  		T-28C           ex USN 140581
NX289RD  		T-28C           ex USN 140576
NX194RR  		T-28B           ex USN 138194
N1328B  		T-28  		ex USAF 55-138354
N240CG  		T-28C  		ex USN 146240
NX1232N  		P-40M           ex 43-27483  
NL751RB  		P-51D           ex 44-13903  
N200NY  		Beech 200  	NY State Police 
Note that the B-17, C-45 and C-47 also flew in the air show.
# = special mks

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