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Whiting Field 2012

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Whiting Field Fleet Fly-In
Date: 25 October 2012
165043/TV-47 AH-1W HMLA-167  
165393/HF-04 AH-1W HMLA-269  
168414/TV-01 UH-1Y HMLA-167  
168416/HF-22 UH-1Y HMLA-269  
161543/UT-06 CH-53E HMMT-302  
164765/BJ-562 MH-53E HM-14  
162100/NW-602 SH-60B HSL-60  
162977/HK-412 SH-60B HSM-40  
163249/HN-426 SH-60B HSL-42  
166588/HK-010 MH-60R HSM-40  
167027/HQ-470 MH-60R HSM-46  
167038/HQ-466 MH-60R HSM-46  
166294 MH-60S NAS Key West  
167827/AM-00 MH-60S HSC-22  
167829/HU-740 MH-60S HSC-2  
167844/HU-700 MH-60S HSC-2  
167866/HW-33 MH-60S HSC-26  
166493/EH-11 MV-22B VMM-264  
6521 MH-65D Hitron  
12435 CH-124A 406sq  
Around Base:
164161/E-161 T-34C wfu  
TH-57B of TAW-5:
161697/E-141, 161698/E-142, 161670/E-141, 161671/E-145
161673/E-145, 162803/E-147, 162805/E-149, 162806/E-150
162809/E-153, 163315/E-158, 163318/E-161, 163319/E-162
163320/E-163, 163324/E-167, 163328/E-171, 163330/E-173
163333/E-176, 163339/E-182, 163340/E-183, 163341/E-184
163346/E-189, 163347/E-190    
TH-57C of TAW-5:
162020/E-56, 162021/E-57, 162022/E-58, 162024/E-60
162026/E-62, 162033/E-69, 162035/E-71, 162038/E-74
162039/E-75, 162040/E-76, 162041/E-77, 162046/E-82
162048/E-84, 162050/E-86, 162051/E-87, 162054/E-90
162057/E-93, 162058/E-94, 162060/E-96, 162064/E-100
162065/E-101, 162067/E-103, 162668/E-106, 162669/E-107
162670/E-108, 162671/E-109, 162676/E-114, 162677/E-115
162678/E-116, 162682/E-120, 162683/E-121, 162684/E-122
162816/E-130, 162819/E-133, 162821/E-135, 162823/E-137
T-6B of TAW 05:
166011/E-011, 166018/E-018, 166034/E-034, 166037/E-037
166043/E-043, 166047/E-047, 166049/E-049, 166055/E-055
166062/E-062, 166063/E-063, 166074/E-074, 166079/E-079
166082/E-082, 166085/E-085, 166111/E-111, 166113/E-113
166128/E-128, 166134/E-134    


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