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Willow Grove 1996

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Date: 15 June 1996

Made by:


158468/A-726  	TA-4J    	CTW 1
161516/7W    	UC-12B  	Base Flight
165163/NY   	KC-130T  	VMGR-452
163850/AB-603 	E-2C    	VAW-123
127120/V-209  	F9F-2  		Museum
161982/MG-06 	F-18A    	VMFA-321
164694/BM-501 	F-18D  		VMFA(AW)-224
162578/NW-24 	SH-2G  		HSL-94
145694/7W-301 	UH-34J  	Museum
158784/MT-404  	RH-53D  	HMH-772
161131/LU-131 	P-3C    	VP-64
161014/LV-014 	P-3C    	VP-66
160500/F-63 	T-34C       	TW-6
N317NT/F-17 	T-39N    	TW-6 / VT-86
79-0193/PA	OA-10A 		103FS / PA ANG
81-0949/PA	OA-10A 		103FS / PA ANG
62-1807     	C-130E    	327AS / AFRes
90-0700/OH	F-16C 		112FS / OH ANG
90-0702/OH	F-16C 		112FS / OH ANG
73-1155/RA  	CT-43A    	12 FTW / 558 FTS
79-23250     	AH-1F  		1-104CAV / PA ArNG
68-16114   	UH-1H 
69-16145   	OH-58C 		1-104CAV / PA ArNG

149791/QB	KC-130F   	VMGR-352
164181/NY  	KC-130T    	VMGR-452
82-0016/FF 	F-15C 		1FTW / 71FS (red checks)
82-0018/FF 	F-15C 		1FTW / 71FS (red checks)
161981/MG-05 	F-18A  		VMFA-321
162429/MG-12 	F-18A  		VMFA-321
161907/NW-21 	SH-2G  		HSL-94
161644/NW-22 	SH-2G  		HSL-94
158690/MT-401 	RH-53D		HMH-772
158692/MT-402 	RH-53D		HMH-772
158755/MT-405 	RH-53D		HMH-772
158759/MT-407 	RH-53D		HMH-772

78-0658/PA	OA-10A		103FS / PA ANG
78-0692/PA	OA-10A		103FS / PA ANG
80-0230/PA	OA-10A		103FS / PA ANG
81-0981/PA	OA-10A		103FS / PA ANG
82-0647/PA	OA-10A		103FS / PA ANG
82-0659/PA	OA-10A		103FS / PA ANG
80-0156/PA	OA-10A		103FS / PA ANG '111FG'
63-7799/WG	C-130E 		327AS / AFRes
63-7853/WG	C-130E 		327AS / AFRes
63-7826  	C-130E 		327AS / AFRes
160293/LU-293	P-3C		VP-64
161001/LU-001	P-3C		VP-64
161007/LU-007	P-3C		VP-64
161122/LU-122	P-3C		VP-64
160793/LV-793	P-3C		VP-66
161008/LV-108	P-3C		VP-66
161127/LV-127	P-3C		VP-66
161129/LV-129	P-3C		VP-66

161511/7W	UC-12B 		Base Flight
161908/NW-20	SH-2G		HSL-94
162576/NW-27	SH-2G		HSL-94
1x		SH-2G		HSL-94
161005/LU-005	P-3C		VP-64
160768/LU-768	P-3C		VP-64
161013/LV-013	P-3C		VP-66
161125/LV-125 	P-3C		VP-66

Flying only:
89-0129/WM	B-2A   		509 BW

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