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Winston-Salem 1999

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Date: 11/12 September 1999

Made by:


84-28289	  AH-64A Apache		1-130th Attack
93-1453/NC-7	  C-130H Hercules	156 AS
93-1455/NC	  C-130H Hercules	156 AS
68-10959	  C-9A Skytrain		375 AW , 11 AS "St. Louis"
162398/MA-00	  F/A-18A Hornet	VMFA-112
162406/MA-01	  F/A-18A Hornet	VMFA-112
162440/MA-03	  F/A-18A Hornet	VMFA-112
162882/MA-10	  F/A-18A Hornet	VMFA-112
163459/AA-414	  F/A-18C Hornet	VFA-81 Sunliners
6550		  HH-65A Dauphin	USCG Savanah
89-0271		  RC-12N Guardrail	224 MI
94-0136/CB	  T-1A Jayhawk		14 FTW , 48 FTS
57-2344/CB	  T-37B Tweet		14 FTW ,41 FTS
165085/A-106	  T-45C Goshawk		VT-23 , TW-1
69-15586	  UH-1H Plush Huey	12th AVN. MDW
62-5890/N1209P	  OV-1D Mohawk		Civil
53-0335		  KC-97			Nose section only
53-3384/N400MT	  T-34A Mentor		Civil
44-74976/N651JM	  P-51D Mustang		Civil "Obsession"
43-30734/N9079Z	  B-25J Mitchell	Civil "Panchito"
43936/N241F	  SNJ-5			Civil
NAV-4-1312/N4312K L-17 Navion		Civil
2176/N46751	  PT-22 Recruit		Civil
44-9144/N500EJ	  C-54E Skymaster	Civil "Spirit of Freedom"
55585/NX6815	  FM2 Wildcat		Civil
2990/N54679	  BT-13A Valiant	Civil
2878/N6558D	  T-6C			Civil
91388/N95647	  TBM-3E Avenger	Civil
2601/N494TW	  C-121 Constellation	Civil
42-55884	  C-60A Loadstar	Civil
140034/N44RF	  T-34A Mentor		Civil
140779/N300SH	  T-34B Mentor		Civil
G-31/N500DR	  T-34B Mentor		Civil
140909/N5367G	  T-34B Mentor		Civil
530017/N34B	  T-34A Mentor		Civil
550704/N12252	  T-34B Mentor		Civil
432848/N12045	  L-39C Albatross	Civil
138164/NX9060F	  T-28B Trojan		Civil
54-2809/N131CW	  VC-131D Samaritan	Civil
60-2271/N955DZ	  C-45G Expeditor	Civil
75-4213/N5545F	  PT-17 Stearman	Civil
4545/N44V	  DC-3			Civil "Piedmont Airlines"

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