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Yuma 1999

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Date: 20 February 1999

Made by: Kevin Whitehead, anonymous, Stij

Updated: 4 March 1999

FA-18C          163714   WT/01             VMFA232 (CAG) 
AV-8B           163881   WF/09             VMA513 
Tornado IDS     43+57 
CF-188          188940 
CT-133          133119                     414sq 
T-2C            158577   A/931 
T-38A           67-14841 EN 
T-37B           64-13466 EN 
C-21A           84-0137 
KC-135E         56-3638  AZ ANG            "miss arizona" 
KC-130F         149800   QB/800            VMGR352 
UH-1N           159693   SN/04 
AH-1W           165271   SN(no modex)      HMLA169 
AH-64A          90-0314                    AZ NG 
HH-46D          151955   SA/05             HC3 
CH-46E          156433   ML/434            HMM764 
CH-46           156445   YP/05             HMM163 
CH-53           163078   YK/17             HMH46 
UC-12B          161192   5Y 

Next to static area: 
FA-18C          164912   NJ/306            VFA125 
AV-8B           164152   WE/10             VMA214 
A-10A           79-0210  DM 
A-10A           78-0650  DM 
F-16C           88-0509  HL 

F-16C           88-0422  HL                388FW 
AV-8B           164152   WE-10             VMA-214 
B-2A            88-0332  WM                509BW 

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