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Yuma 2013

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Yuma Air show
Date: 9-10 March 2013
11-72215 UH-72A Laguna AAF  
94-47007/N124GL U-27A USAR  
163397/CB-02 EA-6B VMAQ-1  
166762/QB-762 KC-130J VMGR-352  
761527/LS-02 F-5N VMFT-401  
165680/CE-05 F/A-18D VMFA-225  
166628/AB-100 F/A-18F VFA-11  
168718/VK-16 F-35B VMFA-121  
164545/WE-23 AV-8B VMA-214  
165572/CF-02 AV-8B+ VMA-211  
168030/YW-03 MV-22B VMM-165  
165366/SM-30 AH-1W HMLA-369  
158554/5Y-03 HH-1N MCAS Yuma  
167992/SM-01 UH-1Y HMLA-369  
153330/YT-15 CH-46E HMMT-164  
163080/YJ-56 CH-53E HMH-465  
162975/TX-105 SH-60B HSL-49  
164812/TX-107 SH-60B HSL-49  
168026/YW-01 MV22B VMM-165  
168029/YW-02 MV22B VMM-165  
168207 UC-12W MCAS Miramar  
164117/WE-22 AV-8B VMA-214  
154545WE-23 AV-8B VMA-214  
165002/WE-06 AV-8B+ VMA-513  
164142/WE-24 AV-8B VMA-513  
153330/YT-15 CH-46E HMM(T)-164  
158257/5Y-04 HH-1N MCAS Yuma  
158764/5Y-07 HH-1N MCAS Yuma  
F-5N of the VMFT-101, coded LS-xx:
761589/01, 761541/03, 761556/05, 761576/08
761579/09, 761583/10, 761526/11
Plus 2 harriers of which only 02 and 26 were read.
163857/KD-09 TAV-8B VMAT-203  
plus 4 harriers of which only the numers were read, 00, 01, 04 and 23
164154/CF-26 AV-8B VMA-211  
165569/WL-02 AV-8B VMA-311  
165567/WF-08 Av-8B+ VMA-513  
AV-8B+ of VMA-311, coded WL-xx:
165581/03, 165585/04, 165587/08, 165382/06
VMA-214 Hangar:
163869/WE-21 AV-8B VMA-214  
165589/WE-02 AV-8B+ VMA-214  
165582/WE-07 AV-8B+ VMA-214  
Fligthline other side/civil ramp:
163868/CF-25 AV-8B VMA-211  
164553/CF-01 AV-8B VMA-211  
165429/CF-03 AV-8B VMA-211  
164134/CF-24 AV-8B VMA-211  
165427/CF-09 AV-8B VMA-211  
165575/CF-05 AV-8B VMA-211  
Arriving After show:
ZZ331 Voyager C2 Brize Norton  
Preserved Parc/gate:
148373/SH-13 F-4B pres as VMFAT-101  
158695/WF-00 AV-8A pres as VMA-513  
741570/LS-11 F-5E pres asVMFT-401  
150586/WE-01 A-4L pres asVMA-214  
158248 HH-1N pres  
161502 UC-12B pres  


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