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Yuma 2014

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MCAS Yuma Airshow
Date: 15 March 2014
81-0966/DM, 82-0647/DM A-10C 354th FS  
73-21802 UH-1H Yuma Proving Grounds  
11-72215 UH-72A Yuma Proving Grounds  
163559 UC-12F nn  
166500 UC-35D MCAS Miramar  
167985/QB-985 KC-130J VMGR-352  
158764/5Y-07 UH-1N Yuma  
167800/UV-05 UH-1Y HMLA-267  
168421/UV-50 AH-1Z HMLA-267  
156426/YT-08 CH-46E HMMT-164  
163079/YJ-47 CH-53E HMH-465  
761556/LS-05 F-5N VMFT-401  
164873/NH-411 F/A-18C VMFA-323  
168732/VK-14 F-35B VMFA-121  
165429/52 AV-8B+(R) VMA-211  
168285/YZ-02 MV-22B VMM-363  
N5045Z/610 PT-13D ex 42-17259  
In front of hangars:
165569/WL-02 AV-8B+(R) VMA-311  
165585/WL-04 AV-8B+(R) VMA-311  
165575/YP AV-8B+(R) nn  
165430/CF-04 AV-8B+(R) VMA-211  
158557/5Y-05 +1 UH-1N Yuma  
761527/LS-02, F-5N VMFT-401  
761541/LS-03 F-5N VMFT-401  
761559/LS-06 F-5N VMFT-401  
761572/LS-07 F-5N VMFT-401  
761583/LS-10 F-5N VMFT-401  
761586/LS-00 F-5F VMFT-401  
761589/LS-01 +1 F-5N VMFT-401  
164134/55 AV-8B nn  
164143/CF-20 AV-8B VMA-211  
168005/YZ-03 MV-22B VMM-363  
168286/YZ-10 MV-22B VMM-363  
168720/VK-02 F-35B VMFA-121  
168718/VK-16 F-35B VMFA-121  
From the F-5s only the codes were read off and the serials were retrieved from our database.
Flying only flyby on Friday evening):
164763 C-130T Blue Angels  
Far side:
163637/F-620 T-45C TW-6 ex 49-1620
N23ES/91620 T-28A   ex Germany 40+88
N88XA Alpha Jet   ex Romania 112
NX397ZA L-39ZA   ex Germany 40+07
N707XA Alpha Jet    

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