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Yuma 2015

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MCAS Yuma Air show
Date: 20 February 2015
60-0035/BD B-52H 93rd BS AFRC  
94-07007 U-27A USASOC Flt Det  
0-22482 UH-1 ex US Army  
163559 UC-12F Miramar  
167924/QB-924 KC-130J VMGR-352  
761576/LS-08 F-5N VMFT-401  
168724/VK-06 F-35B VMFA-121  
168401/SM-41 AH-1Z HMLA-369  
158557/5Y-05 HH-1N Yuma SAR  
168797/SM-09 UH-1Y HMLA-369  
153369/YT-11 CH-46E HMMT-164  
168236/YX-13 MV-22B VMM-166  
165573/WE-04 AV-8B+(R) VMA-214  
761586/LS-00 F-5F VMFT-401 ‘CAG c/s’  
761589/LS-01 F-5N VMFT-401  
761546/LS-04 F-5N VMFT-401  
761572/LS-07 F-5N VMFT-401  
168719/VK-01 F-35B VMFA-121  
158554/5Y-03 HH-1N Yuma SAR  
165595/WE-02 AV-8B+(R) VMA-214  
168345/YX-08 MV-22B VMM-166  
168720/VK-01 F-35B VMFA-121  
166508/AG-602 E-2C VAW-117  
761527/LS-02 F-5N VMFT-401  
69-7073/EN T-38C 469th FTS  
N506XX Hawk Mk67 ex South korea 67-506  
96-1007 +4 C-130H 109th AS MN ANG  
163772/SH-127 F/A-18C VMFAT-101  
164701/SH- F/A-18C VMFAT-101  


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