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Charles Prince 2014

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Charles Prince Air Show
Date: 7-9-2014
652, 656 AB412 8sq  
1x AS532 Gvmt  
810 C212-200 3sq  
1x Mi-172 Gvmt  
5072 SE3160 7sq  
6101, 6105, 6107 SF260F 6sq rd/wh c/s
276 SF260TP 6sq  
625 SF260WE 6sq braun c/s
ZU-WFD AT-6C ex SAAF 7689  
ZU-BAL Harvard III ex SAAF 7526  
ZU-FLM Harvard III ex SAAF 7508  
ZU-FWH T-28F ex USN 137655  
ZU-VNM T-28B ex USN 137745  
Flying only:
812 C212-200 3sq  
2021C, 2104E K-8 2sq  
2703J, 2705L K-8 2sq  
On Thursday before the show the AB412 651 of 8 squadron was noted. None of the Government helicopters of the Zimbabwe Air Force are wearing
any serial on the outside, so that is why these serials have not been read!


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