Soviet Transports Database

To get the most from this database, consider the options below for Advanced Searches.

Wildcards are allowed: an asterisk (*) stands for any number of characters and a question mark (?) stands for any single character. Without wildcards, only the exact match of what you enter will be looked for.



Will search for entries (registration or c/n) ending with 976.


Will search for entries containing 1407 anywhere.


Will search for entries with any single character between the 9s.


Will search for entries beginning with 1G22 followed by any two characters.

Obviously, some of the examples only make sense in either the Registration or C/n box. Once again, note the omission of dashes et cetera for construction numbers.

Optimize your search
Using and combining wildcards gives powerful search options.



This can be used for CIS registrations with number 11018, regardless of prefix.


This can be used for a two-character prefix starting with E, and unknown last characters of the regi. It will find for example EK-11772 and EX-117.


This value in the c/n field combined with An-2 as selected type will search for all An-2s with 4732 anywhere in the c/n while ignoring brackets and dashes in that c/n. It will find 160(473)20 and 1G47-32 among many others.

"?1" *

This value in the regi field combined with Tu-134 as selected type will search for all Tu-134s with a two-digit, random-coloured tactical code ending with 1. It will find "01" red and "31" blue among others.

With wildcards, often 'less is more'.
For example, searching for code "81"* (a wildcard for the colour) will reveal "81" yellow, where the (possible) search for "81" gold might bring no results.