Another aircraft order of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Textron Aviation was again awarded by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) a contract to manufacture highly-missionised versions of the Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) / Beechcraft King Air 350.

Following Scramble's news reports earlier this year *, it is reported that the latest order contains Beechcraft King Air 350CER number 26 and 27 for the US CBP Air and Marine Operations (AMO).

The two Multi-role Enforcement Aircraft (MEA) 350CERs will be added to a fleet of King Air 350s that is already in use to safeguard the USA as part of the coordinated application of AMO’s aviation and maritime law enforcement resources. The new order represents the third and fourth Beechcraft King Air 350CER ordered for AMO in 2020.

The US C&BP/AMO aircraft are equipped with an array of modern technology that can be deployed for ground interdiction operations, air-to-air intercept operations and medium-range maritime patrols, including active and passive sensors and an optimized communications suite. The aircraft are operated by multiple crewmembers who employ the mission equipment and coordinate a (real-time) information stream to ground forces.

As known, the Beechcraft King Air 350CER is an extended range version of the King Air 350i. The CER is configured with a glass-cockpit and an optional cargo door, resulting in enhanced mission flexibility.

*) Scramble Website and Scramble Facebook News:
Scramble Magazine 22 September 2020, "Second Multi-Role Enforcement Aircraft contract for US C&BP"
Scramble Facebook News 23 May 2020, "US Customs and Border Protection will get two additional Beechcraft King Air 350CERs"

Photo: US C&BP/AMO

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