Another Polish Air Force M346 delivery

Poland ordered twelve M346 advanced jet trainers, divided over two contracts. The second contract, which was ordered in March 2018, involves four aircraft of which the first two aircraft were delivered on 5 October 2020 respectively 20 October 2020 (serials 7709 and 7710).

On 16 November 2020, number three (serial 7711) was delivered. We can expect the final aircraft to be delivered within the coming two weeks.

The Sily Powietrzne RP (Polish Air Force) M436s are operated by the 48. Eskadra Lotnicza (48.el)/4. Skrzydło Lotnictwa Szkolnego (4.SLSz, 4th Flying Training Wing) at Dêblin air base.

Photo: Polish Air Force

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