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Scramble contributor Frank Crébas provided us this picture while he was awaiting some activity at Leeuwarden air base (the Netherlands).

So cool to see the just published Scramble issue 500 (!) in his BMW, accompanied with a Yupiteru scanner and a Canon R5 camera.

Who's next to provide us a picture with Scramble #500 in an operational or funny environment (no... not the trashcan please). We're welcoming all pictures with a little caption, like in #500 in cockpits (pilots are still working/travelling), near the runway during some careful Corona spotting activities, close to airport fences, with aircraft in the background, in your bubble bath, near the fireplace with a good glass of wine, when #500 is read by your girlfriend and so on...

Please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and maybe we select your picture for a publication through the month!

Photo by Frank Crébas

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