"Humble" US delegation visited Malta

United States Secretary of Defence Mark T. Esper held talks with Prime Minister Robert Abela in Malta this week. Apart from that, the SecDef also visited Tunisia on 30 September 2020 where a meeting was held with the Tunisian Minstry of Defense.

According to reports, a ten-year agreement with regards to upgrading Tunisian military capabilities and increasing its readiness was signed.

The visit to Malta was supported by quite a number of US Air Force aircraft which all departed Luqa on 1 October 2020.

The list included a Boeing C-32A (serial 98-0002) operated by the 1st Airlift Squadron of the 89th Airlift Wing, a Boeing C-40C (serial 02-0203) belonging to the 201st Airlift Squadron of the 113th Wing, a Gulfstream C-37A (serial 01-0076) belonging to the 76th Airlift Squadron of the 86th Air Wing and two C-17A Globemaster IIIs (serials 07-8171 and 07-7188) operated by 437th Airlift Wing.

Photos: Shaun Psaila

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