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California topped the list of states receiving defense dollars in 2019 as the US Department of Defense revealed and DefenseNews reported. In that Fiscal Year (1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019) the Pentagon spend USD 550,9 billion.

Of that total, USD 403,9 billion (73 percent) were from contracts, with the remaining USD 146,9 billion (27 percent) tied up in DoD personnel salaries. Overall, defense spending represented 2.5 percent of the country’s gross domestic product, according to a department statement accompanying the data.

DefenseNews wrote that these numbers are released annually, are generally included in the case made by pro-defense lawmakers and Pentagon supporters for the benefits of a large defense budget. They come as defense spending is expected to be flat, with some progressives in US Congress pushing President-elect Joe Biden to cut defense funding to support social programs instead.

The top 10 states are:

California: USD 66,2 billion
Virginia: USD 60,3 billion
Texas: USD 54,8 billion
Florida: USD 29,8 billion
Maryland: USD 26,1 billion
Connecticut: USD 19,7 billion
Pennsylvania: USD 18,1 billion
Washington: USD 17,8 billion
Alabama: USD 16,0 billion
Massachusetts: USD 15,8 billion

California, Virginia and Texas historically rank among the top states in defense dollars. California is home to a significant aerospace presence, with all the major players in that sector bringing in large chunks of cash for their in-state work.

Virginia’s top firm was the major shipbuilder Huntington Ingalls Industries, but the state largely brought in funding for being the corporate home for many major defense firms — and for their lobbying efforts. And 41 percent of Texas’ total comes from Lockheed Martin contracts; the company’s Fort Worth facilities produce the F-35 Lightning IIs, among other materiel.

The top 10 overall contractors for the year were:

Lockheed Martin: USD 45,6 billion
Boeing: USD 25,7 billion
Northrop Grumman: USD 19,5 billion
General Dynamics: USD 18,6 billion
Raytheon: USD 15,7 billion
United Technologies: USD 10,3 billion
BAE Systems: USD 7,3 billion
Huntington Ingalls Industries: USD 6,7 billion
Humana: USD 6,7 billion
L3 Technologies: USD 4,9 billion

With thanks to DefenseNews

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