WB AUS Hudson 640

New RAAF Heritage Squadron

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), the aerial warfare branch of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) was formed in March 1921.

In preparation of the coming centenary commemorations of the RAAF, its No. 100 Squadron will be re-formed as the Air Force Heritage Squadron, operating from two locations – RAAF Base Point Cook and Temora.

The original No. 100 Squadron was established during the Second World War in February 1942 at RAAF Base Richmond. The squadron used its, Australian-built Bristol Beauforts on bomber and maritime patrol missions. It conducted several successful operations throughout the war, taking part in the famous Battle of the Bismarck Sea in March 1943 and eventually disbanding in New Guinea on 19 August 1946, almost 75 years ago.

Given its proud history, it was considered fitting to reactive No. 100 Squadron in the same year as the RAAF commemorates its first 100 years.

No. 100 Squadron will fly a large number of aircraft from the current heritage fleet from Point Cook, Victoria and Temora, New South Wales.

Point Cook, Vic.       Temora, NSW    
CA-18 Mustang Mk23 A68-170 VH-SVU, as A68-750   Canberra TT18 WJ680 VH-ZSQ, as A84-234
CT-4A A19-077 VN-NZP   A-37B Dragonfly ex SVNAF VH-XVA
Sopwith Pup   VH-PSP   Spitfire Mk.VIII A58-758 VH-HET
Harvard III NZ1075 VH-HVD   Vampire T35 A79-617 VH-VAM
Sopwith Snipe   VH-SNP   Hudson Mk4A A16-112 VH-KOY
RAF RE8 RE8-1 0003 VH-OTF   CA-16 Wirraway A20-653 VH-BFF
CA-25Winjeel A85-439 VH-FTS   Sabre A94-983 VH-IPN
Tiger Moth A17-692 VH-AWA   CA-13 Boomerang A46-122 VH-MHR
P-40E1 Warhawk A29-90 under restoration   Meteor F8 VZ467 VH-MBX
        Spitfire Mk.XVI TB863 VH-XVI
        DH82A Tiger Moth A17-691 VH-UVZ

WB AUS Mustang 320
Photos: Andy Heap and Patrick Dirksen

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