New warbirds in the Netherlands

Hoogeveen airfield in the Netherlands has recently welcomed two new warbird residents, an Auster and a Stinson L-5 Sentinel.

The Auster, registered as G-AHSD, is former RAF LB323 (c/n 182) which served No. 84 Group Communication Squadron. The type is actually a U.S. designed Taylorcraft Plus D, built under licence by the British Auster Aircraft Ltd. It is powered by a 90 hp Blackburn Cirrus Minor I engine.

During and immediately after WW II Austers of this version were used as Artillery Observation Post (AOP), evacuation aircraft and light transport. LB323, while delivered to the RAF in October 1942, did not participate in the D-day operations as it was just under maintenance during that period.

LB323 was decommissioned after the end of WW II and was registered to the Auster Company as G-AHSD on 1 July 1946. G-AHSD had an impressive list of civilian owners since then. The last British owner (number twelve!) had based his aircraft at the former RAF station Shipdham in Norfolk since 1997. The new owner, Erik Haxe, will fly his Auster on behalf of the On Dutch Wings volunteer organisation.

Before the arrival of G-AHSD, already two Austers were flown in the Netherlands: Auster Mk.III PH-NGK owned by the Koninklijke Luchtmacht Historische Vlucht (Royal Netherlands Air Force Historic Flight) at Gilze Rijen air base and Auster AOP5 PH-NET which is part of the Vliegend Museum Seppe collection.

The second new warbird that has arrived at Hoogeveen airfield is Stinson L-5 Sentinel 42-14847 (c/n 76-050) The machine, registered as N255DB, has been acquired by Egmond Aircraft LLC, the US branch of the Hoogeveen based firm ATN, which is owned by the van Egmond family. According to our colleague at Aironline, the Sentinel is obtained for further sale to a third party.

Stinson 42-14847 was stricken of charge in 1950, but its fate remains unknown until 1965 when it immerged in Canada as CF-STC. The plane was used as a glidertug in Winnipeg until 1986. Since then the Sentinel was flown as a warbird in the USA with its current registration N255DB.

Photos: David Moth via Aerial Visuals (G-AHSD) and Bill Word (N255DB)

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