RAF Leeming host deployment of Swiss aircraft

RAF Leeming (UK) will see increased air movements for an exercise taking place from 24 November to 18 December 2020.

The Royal Air Force Base will be hosting a detachment of Schweizer Luftwaffe aircraft. Low flying for short periods may be necessary too, along with exercising at night.

Important note to aviation enthusiasts... RAF Leeming stresses that the aircraft viewing area near the base is closed due to the UK COVID lock down.

RAF Leeming is home of 100sq that is operating Hawk T1/T1A and T1Ws. The squadron loans aircraft to the Joint Forward Air Control Training Standards Unit that is also making use of the base. Leeming is also home of the 6 Flying Training School that commands the 11AEF and the Northumbrian UAS, both flying the Tutor T1.

Photo by RAF Leeming

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