Royal Thai Navy Do228s sighted in Germany

In the early hours of 24 December 2020, two Kong Thap Ruea Thai (RTN, Royal Thai Navy) Dornier Do228-212s arrived for overhaul at Oberpfaffenhofen airport (Bavaria, Germany).

After several delays, the two 101 Squadron Angel Do228s, with serial numbers 1112 (construction number 8226) and 1114 (c/n 8228) were airfreighted from U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield to Oberpfaffenhofen's Dornier Luftfahrt GmbH facility by Antonov Airlines An-124-100 UR-82029.

It is expected that 1112 and 1114 will be upgraded to Do228NG standard, and will fly for some more years of service with the RTN. It is possible that other active Thai Navy Do228s could also be delivered for an upgrade in the future.

The RTN operates the Do228s from Rayong/U-Tapao Rayong Pattaya Intl, the unit has a detachment at Phuket. The unit has seven Do228s in its inventory.

1109 (c/n 8188), 1110 (c/n 8189), 1111 (c/n 8190), 1112 (c/n 8226), 1113 (c/n 8227), 1114 (c/n 8228), and 1115 (c/n 8241)

Photos and information: Spottervito on Scramble Messageboard (Thanks!) and TG Aviation Spotter

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