Spangdahlem's Warhawks move again to Poland

At this moment, eighteen F-16 Fighting Falcons, assigned to Spandahlem's 480th Fighter Squadron/ 52nd Fighter Wing, are participating in a bilateral training with the Polish Air Force. The F-16s are mainly there for Aviation Rotation 20.4 in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve at the 32nd Tactical Air Base (32BLT), Łask (Poland).

Poland has become the country of choice for the Warhawks. The 480th FS was deployed to Poland multiple times the last few years. During Aviation Rotation 20.4, US and Polish Air Forces will conduct training focused on maintaining joint readiness while building interoperability capabilities. Also, Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker aircraft, assigned to the Illinois Air National Guard's 108th Air Refueling Squadron/126th Air Refueling Wing, are temporary based at the 33rd Airlift Base Powidz (Poland).

Recently it was announced that the 480th FS will vacate Spangdahlem and move to Aviano Air Base (Italy). In a future conflict, with the 480th FS having an Area Of Responsability (AOR) from the Baltic Sea and Poland, the 510th FS and 555th FS (also Aviano F-16 squadrons), having an AOR roughly in the area of the Black Sea region, a part of USAF's first response NATO border security becomes very clear.


The following SP coded F-16CM/DM Fighting Falcons were seen arriving at Łask:
90-0813, 90-0818, 90-0828, 90-0829 as "52OG" flagship, 91-0338, 91-0342,

91-0343, 91-0344, 91-0351, 91-0352 as "52FW" flagship, 91-0361, 91-0402, 91-0403,

91-0407, 91-0412, 91-0417, 91-0418, and 91-0481 (F-16DM).

All photos: USAF

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